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What My Blog Means
For anyone new in my life, read this.

Vegas Vacation 
Money saving tips cause my family is cheap!

But Pizza...

My struggle with Depression & Anxiety

Happiness Can Be Found In The Darkest of Times
More Depression talk

Harry Potter Taught Me About Life

How I decided to start living my life

Men & Dating

An Ode to the Man Bun
You giant weirdos this is my most popular post ever...

Seeking Arrangements
That time I made a fake profile as a Sugar Baby

Dear Future...
A letter to the poor sucker who ends up with me

Match Made in Hell
Don't take Tinder seriously

Tinder Confessions
Seriously, why am I still doing this...

Males who failed

Texting is not dating...

Please don't do these things

Relationships & The Future
aka I don't know what I want I think.

Story Time with Melissa

That Time I Quit The Gym
Spoiler: I can't lie well.

That Time I Thought I Was Going To Die
Too much Criminal Minds leads to bad times...

That Time I Couldn't Drive
Women drivers... pshh...

That Time I Sucked At Fire Safety
If it were a real fire, i'd be dead. 

That Time I Was Forgettable
He didn't remember our date.