Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Top 10 of 2015: Part Two

Things got pretty hectic over the holidays. Curve balls were thrown; situations had to be dealt with. Family was focused on. So I did not, as promised, deliver part two of my Top 10 of 2015. I hope you can forgive me. Without further ado, I present my top five!

5. Justin Trudeau

I've never cared about sharing my political affiliations, but when it came to this election I was a little uneasy. We were quite divided in my family so I tended to keep my support for Trudeau quiet. My dad was not pleased with my alliances. But I must say, I voted Liberal and don't regret it one bit.

Yes, he's quite good looking. No, that is not why I voted for him. I believe in what he values. I believe he will do great things for this country. Despite what other people may believe, I believe he truly wants to make this country better.

Also, sassy. When a reporter asked why he had put so many women in his cabinet this was his reply:

4. Manitoba Pumpkin Growing Kid 

I mean, I really have no other words. This kid is my idol. He made national news.. FOR HIS PUMPKIN. Dreams, folks. Follow them. Plus he's from my area so bonus.

3. Year of the Sequels

When in doubt, make a sequel. This seemed to be the general consensus in cinema this year. The sheer volume of box office records being shattered proves they had the right idea. From Jurassic World, to Star Wars, to the new Avengers, there was no shortage of blockbuster hits. And I saw every single one of them.

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with movies. It's also no secret that I'm a giant nerd. This year's selection of blockbuster sequels was enough to bring me to tears.

Seriously, when I went to Star Wars: The Force Awakens over the holidays, I started crying at the opening titles. I cried harder as I realized John Williams can take you to another level with his music. I cried when Han Solo came on screen for the first time in over 30 years. It was just a disaster. Plus I have a new love for Adam Driver and John Boyega.

This has turned into me fangirling over Star Wars but whatever... Just one more thing on that note. Everyone saying Carrie Fisher has not aged well needs to reevaluate their eyesight. The woman is 60 for god's sake. She looks great!

(Also fun fact, my favorite Chanel from Scream Queens is Carrie Fisher's daughter and also has a tiny role in Star Wars. Just all of my favorite things combining. It's great.)

Oh, another crying story... I went and saw Jurassic World of course. I proceeded to cry when the T-Rex showed up. I think I need help...

Andrea likened my predisposition for happy tears to that of Kristen Bell: "Emotionally, if you're not between a 3 and a 7, you're crying." This is 100% accurate but whatever.

2. Amy Schumer

This woman is everything to me right now. Why? CONFIDENCE. 

She had, in my opinion, the funniest movie of 2015. Trainwreck was absolutely brilliant, hilarious, and it featured Amy as the non-size 2 lead who gets to bang John Cena. That's just an all around win for women everywhere.

She's BFFs with Jennifer Lawrence, is effing hilarious, and inspires me to love myself as I am. So thank you Amy. THANK YOU.

1. The Return of Adele

The lack of a new Adele album in my life was taking a serious toll. I mean, I was running out of deep Instagram captions. How else was I to reach out to an ex before Hello? It's pure genius and also made me do some things I regret. But whatever.

Our Queen and savior returned just in time, and then of course that also brought me to tears. Her voice sends actual chills down my spine. She's also unapologetically herself, much like my future BFF Amy Schumer. She's also goofy, humble, and her laugh is absolutely infectious.


  1. Justin Trudeau is gorgeous...and more importantly, smart, thank heavens! I love that he's helping so many refugees relocate and giving them a place to call home. Also, AMEN to having Queen Adele back in our lives. I just love her so much. xo

  2. I absolutely love this list and now have a lot of to-do's for 2016 to make some of your final five my fave's too. <3 you!

  3. As an American, Justin Trudeau sounds like such a breath of fresh air. Just knowing someone like him was elected so close to my home gives me hope! Also, that comment on women in the cabinet is perfection.
    I haven't seen Trainwreck but I do love Amy Schumer! Every interview I've ever heard with here, I'm all YASSSS QUEEN. But obvi Adele is the real Queen, I'm with you on that.

  4. yes to all of this. especially star wars (and chanel #3) and amy schumer - she's my idol.