Monday, November 16, 2015

Welcome Back

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, Welcome....

Okay now that I've got that out of my system, I want to officially welcome you back to my blog! I've been on quite a hiatus these past few months. I just felt like something was missing and I lost the desire to come to this space. I don't regret it one bit because I was able to really be present in my life and there for the people who needed me most. There's been a lot going on for me these last few months that I'll start to share as the days go by. I wasn't okay for a very long time.

When I felt that itch to return I knew it needed to be different. So I enlisted the help of my dear friend Kailyn and she redesigned everything for me! Seriously, she's a good friend, I love her to bits. I also felt it was time for a name change. I wanted it to be simple, so I went with the most simple thing I could think of: my name. Melissa Nicole is going to be less about what I think others want to read and more about me, myself and I. I'm not really sure what that's going to look like quite yet, but you can be sure that it will most likely include a lot of dating fails. There's been quite a few this last little while...

One thing I want to make clear is that I'm not going to commit myself to this space every day. It's a lot of pressure and I won't stand for it!

In the meantime, if you've followed me on Instagram the past few months, you'll notice one of the bigger changes in my life. This beauty right here:

This is Luna a.k.a. Lunar, La Lune, Lune, Lunesta, Luna Lovedog, LIGHT OF MY FREAKING LIFE. 

I honestly did not know how much I could love another living thing until I rescued this girl. She's a husky/collie cross and just turned 1 this past weekend! So you can bet your bottom dollar I'm going to be writing about her quite a bit. 

Anyway, feel free to explore a little bit. The "Best Of" page has been updated and I'm still working on the "About Me". 

See you all very soon. I'm glad to be back!



    and now you shall come visit me so I can take you to disneyyyyy.

  2. Welcome welcome welcome back! Love the new look and can't wait to see more of whatever you want to share, whenever you want to share it. Also, always more Luna! <3

  3. YAYAYAY welcome back!!! Your blog looks BALLER.

  4. Yayyyyy you're backkkkk!! And you've brought Luna!!! All the happy feelings! Also, now I really want to watch that freakin' movie. Thanks a lot! xo

  5. Welcome back!!!!! Luna is adorable!!!!!!!!! Love the new design :)

  6. WELCOME BACK!!! Luna is the cutest thing ever!

  7. I love you, welcome back! I didn't see it, but this was the greatest birthday gift of all time!

  8. Welcome back gorgeous! Your new pup is absolutely adorable and I cannot wait to read more about her ♥