Friday, November 20, 2015

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

If you didn't know, Winnipeg has been hit by Winter. It finally snowed, and while the majority of people I know are upset by this, I am over the moon ecstatic.

I friggin' love winter and snow and playing outside and drinking hot chocolate with Bailey's. Also, Andrea and Eric had this good rule that you can't watch Love Actually until it either a) snows or b) is December 1st. So guess what I'm doing tonight.

My opinion is quite unpopular though. My friends hate the snow. My roommate is pretty much permanently a burrito of blankets and pajamas. Andrea was away all week for work and it wasn't winter when she left. She hates it.

Good thing I have Luna cause that bish loves the snow as much as I do. I made a smart choice getting a Husky. Also yes, my dog has an Instagram, and you should follow her cause she's mega adorable.

Case in point...

But since I don't want to be one of those people who talk about their dog all the time (since I already do that in real life...), let's move on to Friday Favorites with Amanda shall we?

Favorite Song

Favorite Links

This "Whine About It" episode about how pants suck.
What it's like when a loved one is diagnosed with Cancer.
Brooke & Brad's wedding video! (Did I cry watching this? Yes.)
The new Zoolander trailer.
Winnipeg being named a Best Trip for 2016 by National Geographic.

Happy Friday folks! See ya next week. If you need me I'll be reveling in all things winter over on my Snapchat (melissasuggitt1) all weekend! 


  1. YES I MADE THE LINKS !!!!! I haven't watched it yet today, it's about time i do.

  2. I love the cold!!!!!!! Awwww Brooke and Brad!!!! What a pretty bride she is :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. That magical wedding video was the greatest thing of the entire week, so happy you were able to see how amazing it was!

  4. Team Snooklyn forever. That's the best video I've ever seen!

  5. Hahah I love his rule for Love Actually! Definitely a movie must have this time of year!!

  6. Sigh, I've been wanting to watch Love, Actually for about three weeks but haven't had time to. Guess I need to wait longer. (I do think that's a good rule though.) PS I WANNA COME TO WINNIPEG for real.

  7. OMG YES SHAKEY GRAVES!!! That song is amazing. Have you seen the music video? It'll give you chills, it's that good.
    I'm also over the moon about this snow! The weather has been amazing, too! I could definitely live with -2 degrees all year long.