Monday, November 23, 2015

Music Monday & Weekend in Review

Obviously we can all agree that Monday's suck.

I have a rough time getting out of bed on the best of days, but Monday's just really take the cake. No bueno. What made this week worse, is that Quantico was not on last night, so now I have nothing to come home to watch at the end of today. Worst day ever.

To ease us all back into the week, I've decided that Music Monday needs to be a thing. Again, let's be real, I probably won't have a new playlist every week, but a girl can dream.

Today we have my favorite tracks from Spotify Sessions. Click play and enjoy your day (I'm such a poet).

Aside from the fact that I'm letting my inner Garfield flow and hating on Monday, I had a pretty great weekend. Me and the roommate and some of our friends did a Christmas baking swap so now I have a giant Tupperware container in my freezer full of baked goods. This is going to be the hardest month of my life not eating everything.

I have now managed to complete 75% of my Christmas shopping before December and I'm very pleased with myself about that one. Plus I'm very frugal (re: broke) this year so the hit on my bank account hasn't been that bad, yet the presents are still decent. So #winning.

Also, I curled yesterday (because I've decided I couldn't be more Canadian), and I'm getting so much better, so I was on a high from that of course. And then dinner came and we ordered Chicken Delight last night (so much rhyming today) so my Sunday was just top notch.

I feel like a beluga whale now but damn that chicken and pizza just can't be beat! I'm clearly going to have to go twice as hard at the gym now but I don't want to dwell on that - it takes away from the enjoyment of the pizza.

But enough about me, tell me about your weekend! 


  1. Make Music-Monday a thing, I dig it! We had the same snoozin' blues today and no shame leaving the house 90 minutes later than I should have. What was the best baked goods goody you found, of course I need to make it and fatten up my guy.

  2. Agree with Jessi, make it a thing please?? Also would you like to do all my Christmas shopping for me please? I have...0% done. Wahh.

  3. This playlist just saved my damn life.

  4. Amazing playlist! And please teach me how to do all this Christmas shopping on a tight budget!

  5. Baking swaps are the tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiits.