Thursday, July 30, 2015

Twenty Days

Twenty days. That's how long I've been gone from this little space of mine. That's how many days have been jam packed. That's how many days I've enjoyed living life in the moment.

So where have I been while I pulled a Jessi? (I swear I didn't mean to copy her on purpose. Twenty must just have some sort of cosmic meaning for us....) 

What I've learned

- You get back what you put out into the world. I'm ready to make my own magic. 
- How to cook proper meals. Being off for two months really gave me time to expand my horizons in the kitchen, and let me just say, I'm a domestic dream. 
- Online dating is horrible. Or you know, dating in general... 
- Getting fit and in shape is not an instant process and I'm very impatient.
- Sage smells exactly like weed when you burn it. Sorry neighbours, I swear I'm not doing anything illegal!
- I'm really good at interpreting tarot cards. And by that I mean making things up.
- Being alone is pretty great but I finally feel like I'm almost healed. Which has been a long time coming.

What I've done

- I started a new job. One that I already love more than I thought I could. You know when you just feel in your bones that you made the right decision? That's where I am right now.
- I went to the One Direction concert and let my inner 14 year old shine. 
- I started on an actual diet. 
- I watched Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time ever on a beach. 
- I went to Les Miserables at Rainbow Stage and tears were shed. 
- I spent so much time with my family that I actually miss them now that I'm working again. 
- I explored the province in my time off. Mini summer road trips are the best. 
- My sister and I saw Chris D'Elia perform over the past weekend and I've never laughed so hard in my life. 

One Direction

Investors Group Field full of screaming girls for 1D

Pelican Lake. My province is beautiful!

Gimli Film Festival Night 1 - Rocky Horror on the Beach


  1. Don't you see how easy and awesome it is to pull a Jessi?! So very proud of you and the magic you're made of!

  2. I should probably be ashamed of how jealous I am that you saw 1D. But whatever. I'm glad you've been enjoying yourself so much and healing as you needed to. Never apologize for taking care of YOU! <3

  3. hahahaha, pulling a Jessi is VERY easy. I mean, I did it for 6 months...whoops!


  4. Sounds like a great 20 days! Congrats on your new job, glad you are loving it! OMG, Les Mis is one of my all time favorites, such an amazing show!!

  5. It seems like your blogging break was well worth it, sometimes it is nice to take a break and just to enjoy and live life! I am glad that you are enjoying your new job!