Wednesday, June 10, 2015


For today's confession I wanted to talk about something I know a lot of people can relate to: poor eyesight. I confess that when I was little ALL I ever wanted was to wear glasses. I was such a weirdo right?

Unfortunately, my wish came true when I was 11. The headaches had started and the eye doctor confirmed my dream (and now nightmare) had come true. I would need glasses. Eleven year old me was pumped. Twenty five year old me hates eleven year old me. 

Since I'm so blind, I need to wear glasses all day every day. I've worn some real hideous pairs in the past. I rocked the Harry Potter style glasses until late in high school. Horrible. This is why it's very important to me that now when I invest in a pair, they look good, last a long time and go with everything.

I was pumped when Firmoo contacted me and offered me a pair to try. This company is right up my alley: affordable, trendy and a diverse selection. I honestly sat on their website for over an hour trying to choose a pair because I had so many options and I just wanted them all. It didn't help that they have a page with new products every day because it just made me want more!

I finally settled on a pair of black frames with a pop of blue. I'm really boring and practical so I needed something black and plain. I don't want to have to change glasses with every outfit. 

Waiting for them to come in the mail was agonizing. When I saw my package finally sitting there I was a kid on Christmas. I didn't even wait to get into my apartment, I opened them in the elevator. I was so excited to see they came with a pretty case and a purse sized cleaning kit. 

And guess what? It gets so much better. 

If you go to this page, you can get 15% off your first pair, just for being a new customer! I highly recomend Firmoo. Their customer support is great and these came within 3 days of being ordered. Quick service to boot? I might be getting 2, or 4, or 8 more pairs. 

If you're in the market for new glasses, check them out and let me know what you think! 


  1. I have to wear glasses every day now too. Your new ones are cute!!!

  2. Those look like a super cute pair of glasses! I was the same way as a kid -- I really wanted to wear glasses. Thankfully that wish did not come true (at least yet).

  3. I have heard great things about firmoo - I may have to look into it - As I need my glasses every day now too. UGH

  4. I LOVE Firmoo, they are a great company to work with and really affordable when you work one of their deals. I bought two pair last year and love them.

  5. Love the new frames! I actually just went to the eye doctor yesterday to get a new prescription- looks like the perfect time to get new glasses while I'm at it!

    Fun fact: When I was little, I really wanted braces because everyone else had them. Now that I could use them, I refuse to get them because I've heard horror stories, and my teeth aren't terrible.

  6. Yup, I always wanted glasses as a kid too! Until I actually needed them, haha. Love the pair you picked! And agree, Firmoo is super easy to work with and great to buy glasses from!

  7. Love the ones you chose! Firmoo is awesome!

  8. I love the blue on the inner frame and the case is sooo cool!

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  9. I really wanted to wear glasses too!! These are such a cute pair!