Tuesday, May 19, 2015

L'Oreal Fibralogy

I always get so excited when boxes are delivered to my apartment. It's like Christmas! When I saw the L'Oreal box waiting for me I giggled like a child and ran upstairs to rip into it. I love beauty, hair care and skin care products more than I should; I mean obviously, since I'm an Arbonne Consultant. But I've never been one to believe in the magic of thickening serums and specially crafted shampoos for my dull, thin hair.  
Honestly, I was skeptical to even try this at first. The box touting Blake on it and promising thicker hair had to be an exaggeration. Don't show me this beautiful goddess and think I'm going to believe you. I got past my initial indignation though, cause free stuff, and gave it a shot. 
Look, I know I'm obviously not going to have hair as luscious and perfect as Blake Lively; but I'll be damned if my hair didn't actually get thicker! I've always had a problem with my hair since it's so fine and thin. Lack of volume has been an annoyance for years. I pretty much lost hope years ago and resigned myself to a lifetime of limp hair. 
I finally feel worthy of using the hair flip emoji. And if you want to see pictures of my hair, I'm sorry but I just honestly haven't washed it in a while so you don't want to see that. 
But the last few Instagrams I've posted that show my hair are courtesy of this wonder product. So you can go look at that.
I highly recommend Fibralogy. Have you tried it?

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.*


  1. The hair flip emoji is what life is all about, so I'm glad you feel like you can embrace it now. ENJOY

  2. haha what Alyssa said. Yay for hair flip emojis! And damn blog comments for not having emojis!

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