Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Weekend Things a Day Late... Sue Me.

Ever since returning from Vancouver I have been one sick lady. You would think, it being almost May, that you wouldn't get the flu. But no, my immune system was like "LOL feel like death for the next 7 days". It's partially Andrew's fault sinc ehe was so sick when I was staying with him. It's also partially my new roomie's fault since she works at a daycare and we all know daycares are cesspools of disease. So thank you both kindly for that...

Because of my sickness, I wasn't able to enjoy much of my weekend. I really only had Sunday. Lucky for you, being sick meant lots of Netflix so I have some lovely recommendations for everyone out there!

Netflix Top Three This Weekend

1) Chris D'Elia's new standup special "Incorrigible". Dude. Is. Hilarious. I don't normally laugh out loud when watching things on my own, but I kept snorting while watching this (which was no fun cause of all the stuffy nose business).

2) Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler are two of my favorite human beings and they knocked it out of the park with "They Came Together". My sister came over on Friday night and we watched it. We were in stitches the whole time.

3) Portlandia is funny whether you've been there or not. But having been to Portland, it gets about 50x funnier.

Honorable Mention: Since it wasn't on Netflix it didn't really count but Saturday night I watched a docu-series called "America's Serial Killers: Portraits in Evil". I was absolutely enthralled. I clearly need help...

Three Things I Did On Sunday

The end of my weekend was the best part. Since I'm trying my darndest to lose 50 lbs, I've been on a huge health kick. Sunday, a friend and I took her dog for a hike in a provincial park that's only 15 minutes away from my apartment. It was beyond beautiful outside and we managed to do just over 2.5 miles (maybe 3?) in about 40 minutes. Considering I've been a lazy mess for the last few days I was pretty proud of myself. Also also... I can barely last 10 minutes on the treadmill so I was extra proud of myself for this hike. It's the start of better days!

And can I just say that being at the beach when there's no water in it is truly unsettling...

Sunday night, my parents took me out for a late 25th birthday dinner. We went to Monticchio's which is my favorite Italian place in the entire city. They'd never been and they fell in love with it as well. SO many noms.

After dinner, I took to my balcony to enjoy the rest of the evening with a glass of wine and the latest issue of Canadian Living magazine. The amount of DIY projects I came up with from that one issue is astounding. Oh, and stay tuned to the blog for some of my upcoming DIY tutorials!

Side Note

Not to end things all heavy, but like a large amount of the population, Friday night was spent watching the Bruce Jenner interview after my sister left. I just want to say that I think he is a truly brave soul and it was the complete opposite of what I was expecting. Hearing his four older children voice their support and understanding melted my heart. I really hope that this opens a dialogue about the trans community in general. It's time we started talking about it and as a society open our arms and become accepting.

What did you do this weekend? Did any of you watch the Bruce special? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. hell yes for hikes!! keep at it. when the trails clear up (from mud and shit), i plan on starting hiking again. you can burn a good 500-600cals hiking technical trails/hills!

  2. I love that you get Portlandia so much more now that you've been there! When you come next time we can do the tour and you can see some of the places on the show, guided by yours truly!

  3. I've been crushing on Chris D'Elia since his days on Whitney- definitely adding that special to my Netflix queue! And seriously... where's the water??

    Also, I watched the Bruce Jenner special as well, and completely agree with you. I hope it opens hearts and minds regarding transgender-ism on a larger scale, but I was also hoping that he would actually transition out of the public eye, and it appears that there will be a docu-series on his journey.

  4. I am going to have to check out They Came Together...sounds fun! And go you on doing so well on your hike!!! I am trying to get on the healthy eating train right now, and every little victory always makes me feel so good! I didn't watch the Bruce Jenner special because my husband despises all things Kardashian but I am sure I will eventually see it.

  5. Just watched They Came Together the other day! Pete loved it. I was on the fence. But I just love Amy and Paul!

  6. I watched Bruce's interview and agree, I was moved and pleased with how the whole thing was presented. I was worried it would be a touchstone for ridicule and ignorance but the response I've seen has been overwhelmingly heartfelt and careful. So glad to see that. And I also watched We Came Together the other day and I loved it! Honestly though Amy Poehler can really do no wrong in my eyes, and neither can Paul Rudd really, so it was kind of a given I'd love it. Feel better soon!

  7. Oh hi I miss you. Now come visit me and we can hike the pretties and I'll take you to a beach with water :D

  8. What a gorgeous weekend. Im a little perplexed about the no water at the beach thing though ha! And yay for you hike. You can do it girlie!