Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Supreme & Some Marauders

I confess...

... I bought a Fiona Goode pop doll. I'm officially one of those people. Welcome to my desk Supreme.

... I'm a straight up idiot. Yesterday, I was responding to blog comments and sent a "thanks lady!" e-mail to someone... or at least I thought I did. Nope, I had accidentally hit a button and replied to an automated ThinkGeek e-mail that was telling me the Marauder's Map was back in stock. So I literally replied to a robot. But then a magical thing happened - a customer service guy responded and said "you're very welcome!" It was about this time I decided that ThinkGeek is the best web retailer ever. So I gave them a raving review on their post-care survey. And apologized for being such a nut job.

... I requested a notification when the Marauder's Map was back in stock....

... I'm really obsessed with that Carly Rae Jepsen song that features Tom Hanks in the video. Oh wait what's that? I have the video right here? Well look at that. 

 Making Melissa 

<a href=""
target="_self"><img src="" alt="Making Melissa" width="125" height="125" /></a>


  1. TOM HANKS IS IN THE VIDEO!? I automatically hate that song way less now

  2. I heard that song on SNL I think? She is always so catchy!

  3. OMGeeeee I love Tom Hanks even more now, that video is adorable!

  4. thinkgeek IS THE BEST WEBSITE EVER. i always buy my husband's christmas gifts from there.