Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Weekend & Chick Flick Friday

I confess...

...I just watched When Harry Met Sally for the first time this past Good Friday and I'm mad at myself for never having seen it sooner. It was seriously one of the best movies I've ever seen and I fell in love with Billy Crystal a little bit more than I thought I ever would.

...I followed that up with Austenland. Now I'm just waiting on my own Mr. Nobley. (Go watch it, soooo good!)

...the new book has been chosen for April for #pluckyreads Cyber Book Club and it was the one I voted for :)!

...I had three family dinners this past weekend and I have never felt so full in my life. I still have leftovers. of the family dinners was a priazzo night. So we made priazzo and gambled and drank and it was great. Great because I won two pots. So $50 makes me holla. It was also great because Jamie and I had a sleepover for the first time at my apartment and cousin sleepovers are my favorite sleepovers. 

Priazzo *heart-eyed emoji" new roommate has spent the last week moving in. It's weird to not live with Anna anymore, and I already miss it, but I'm really excited for this new chapter with another good friend!

...I house/dog sat for one of my best friends last week and her dog Nova and I cuddled for three days straight. And then she tried to steal the bed...
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Now tell me your confessions!

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  1. WHMS is one of my fav movies! the fake orgasm scene was hilarious!!

  2. I have never seen When Harry Met Sally or Austenland, so I guess I have some movies to watch this weekend ;) That is exciting about the new roommate and the puppy sitting!

  3. I've never seen When Harry Met Sally either, isn't that sad? I need to get on that! LOL at the pup taking up over half the bed, sounds about right! Ok, I have never heard of Priazzo but it looks amazing!!

  4. Great classic movie! The ending gives me hope lol. Gonna have to google that priazzo cause it looks deelish!

  5. Austenland was such a great movie!! Love Mr. Nobley.

  6. Haha right, in what other situation would Billy Crystal ever be crush-worthy??

  7. I've never seen when Harry Met Sally either! And WHAT is priazzo?! I WANT SOME!

  8. Harry met Sally is the GREATEST! Guilty pleasure - I watch it whenever it is on!

    And my 106lb dog likes to steal my bed... She usually wins

  9. So glad you finally saw When Harry Met Sally- it's one of my favorites!! The family dinner I went to for Easter calls it "Eat-ster" because there is just So. Much. Food. Luckily, we're all leftover-friendly :)