Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Nuclear Meltdowns and Voctronica

I confess...

... I had the most fun I've had in MONTHS at an escape room last night. And not to brag (I'm totally bragging), but our team solved the room 3rd fastest out of 600 teams to attempt it. No big deal or anything. With a 31% success rate we were all feeling pretty proud of our teamwork skills. Also, nice to know I didn't die in the Nuclear Meltdown.

... I'm in a blogging slump. Now accepting post suggestions.

...the new Arbonne website made me all kinds of happy. So much cleaner and easier to navigate!

... I was sucked into the dress fiasco. I saw white & gold. However, unlike 95% of the population, my first instinct was to Google the science behind the whole thing instead of fighting over the colors. It actually blew my mind how some people weren't capable of doing that...

... this video is amazing. I've had this on repeat for the last week.

What are you confessing this week? Don't forget to link up below!

 Making Melissa 

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  1. I've heard amazing things about escape rooms, I really want to try one!

  2. Oh, look what I found for you - 30 unique blog post ideas!!

  3. That would seriously be so much fun -- I want to try an escape room! I have two blog posts that might help you out:
    Also, I hate to admit this but I never really knew who Ed Sheeran was, I mean I know you mention him frequently on your blog.. but I never click music videos... Anyway, his song came on the radio and I totally understand your love of him!! Please don't hate me ;D

  4. I too have been struggling with coming up with blog ideas. It is a struggle. I find that spending time on Pinterest helps.

  5. I got sucked into the dress too....I saw gold/white!!!

    Ive been struggling with blog posts too it sucks :(

  6. I saw blue and black but find it ridiculous that people made such a big deal about it?! I can appreciate you looking it up! That is what I did too because duh!

  7. Never heard of escape rooms. My claustrophobia is kicking in just at the name. I'm scared now.
    Post about Arbonne? Favorite products, how you got started? Post a playlist. Post an instructional guide for Snapchat (for me). Post about how you're visiting New York soon.

  8. Bloggins slumps happen. You will get back in the grove eventually! I saw white and gold first then blue and gold. I was wrong on all counts.