Tuesday, February 10, 2015

5 Things I've Learned From Watching The Bachelor This Season

1. Bitches be crazy.

From aliens, to angels, to cattiness, this show delivers on the crazy. 

Also, I'm sorry but was anyone else not completely pumped Chris ditched psycho 1 and psycho 2 in the Badlands last night? I hope they get lost in the desert. 

2. I can get irrationally angry about other people's choices.

I can't tell if Chris is a dick or completely oblivious but ditching the group date with Britt was one of the rudest things I've ever seen. I don't know how the other girls didn't just walk off the show. 

I also get really mad when he sends the wrong girls home. 

Or chooses really crappy date destinations. 

3. Being a Virgin is the new "it" thing. 

Look, props to all the ladies who keep their v-cards for someone special, but flaunting it around doesn't make you a good girl. Lookin at you Ashley I. 

4. I am significantly less attractive than the least attractive girl on this show. (And I'm okay with this.)

Makeup is a miracle but how long do some of these girls spend in front of a mirror?

5. TV Addiction is a real thing. 

I cannot get enough of this drama. 


  1. I'm still trying to like this season! I'm 2 episodes behind and I hear they are pretty dramatic!!

  2. I am halfway through last nights episode and I can't wait to see the drama that happens :)

  3. confession: i've never watched a full episode of this shizz. i only watch the beginning when they come out of the car and you see their name and occupation. best occupation i've seen thus far was 'free spirit" HAHAHAHAHAH

  4. I always wonder how they put on all that make up ... & have all of these dresses!!!!
    I get so mad when Chris makes stupid decisions too... he's so awkward at so many times.

  5. HAhaha was that "I know what you did", "k" picture yours? Either way it's brilliant, and this ish is crazy - I'm reluctantly hooked and I blame you!! :)

  6. I wish I could do my makeup that well, either way ain't nobody (in real life) got time for that. Also, SO many crazies on the show this season! Yikes.

  7. haha kelsey and ashley needed to go. Kelsey is legit psycho though. Like not even a joke... I think she should be checked out. I am hooked. Its a train wreck and I cannot stop watching!

  8. Seriously... how do they ALWAYS look flawless?!?!