Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I confess... 

...I suffer from Depression and Anxiety.
...I was ashamed to talk about it. 
...I didn't get help for a very long time and it could have cost me my life.
...Not being able to control what goes on in your own mind is scary as hell.
...I dream of a world where the stigma surrounding mental illness is gone.
...I am here for you.

Today is #BellLetsTalk day. Start a dialogue and open your ears and your heart to those who might need it. You can save someone today and every day. You are not defined by your illness.

Making Melissa 

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Mish Mash of Confessions

Humpday Confessions are upon us again. Where do the days go!? January is just flying by and I'm unsure how I feel about that.

I confess...

...I am really disappointed in this season of The Bachelor. I was all for Farmer Chris and thought he would be great, but he's kind of a player and needs to keep his tongue in his mouth.

...When I say "I don't want to be the girlfriend that says no..." it means you should probably come to the no conclusion on your own and not do whatever it is you're asking me to do.  

...I tweeted at Eli Roth last night and he favorited my tweet and that brief brush with a celebrity was the most excitement in my life in the last 4 weeks.

...But really you should go watch Aftershock. Eli is a genius and I love him and everything he does ever (see Cabin Fever, Hostel, Hemlock Grove, The Last Exorcism, Inglorious Basterds), and if The Green Inferno does not get released I might die.

...I don't have a lot to confess today. I mean I've been mostly just working a lot.

...I did however choose not to go out on Saturday and opted for staying on the couch in my pajamas watching Ghost Adventures all night.

...In one week I read 3 books: Paper Towns by John Green, An Abundance of Katherines by John Green, and Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. All good, you should check them out.

Now go link up so I can creep your confessions!

Making Melissa 

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Paper Girl

So I recently read a book that stuck with me in a weird way. Paper Towns by John Green. I don't think the point of his story was for me to relate to Margo. She's the girl who runs away and her friends spend the entire book trying to find. But I did relate to her... more than I wanted to. You see she described her city as a Paper Town. And she was a Paper girl.

Two dimensional, shallow, insignificant, grow up and get married and have babies kind of life. The kind of town filled with subdivisions, and suburban life, and soccer moms and kids who are content to live their life the same way week in and week out. Year after year. Until they look back at 50 and all they can see is a routine that never changed and the people they never became.
I've been there. I've been Margo. I am Margo still, in a sense. I don't want that cookie cutter life. I never did; I knew it back in high school. I should have taken a bigger risk at 18. I should have done something about it when I had a chance to break the strings that tied me to this life and this city.
But unlike Margo, I can't just leave. Unfortunately I give too many fucks about my life now to truly rebuild myself by leaving.

So I have to go about it a little bit at a time. I have to make time to ditch the paper girl and become more than what I am. I need to find myself.

And as she let go, she learned forgiveness.
As she fell, she learned to stand.
As she broke down the walls, she learned love.
As she broke, she learned strength.
As she learned, she found herself.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Fall Out Favorites

If you know me then you know my obsession with Fall Out Boy. Since I was 13 this band has literally been a part of my soul. When I finally got to see them in concert in 2013 it felt like coming home. I know, how emo right? Their music and lyrics speak to me and put into words things I could never express before.

Today, I wanted to share a playlist of songs from their upcoming album "American Beauty/American Psycho". You better believe I pre-ordered this bad boy already.

"You were the song stuck in my head
Every song I’ve ever loved
Played again and again and again
And you can get what you want but it’s never enough
And I’ll spin for you like your favorite records used to." 
- Favorite Record

Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015


This year I promise myself I will look at everything as an experience, not a mistake. 

This year I promise myself to take a risk.

This year I promise myself to stop making excuses.

This year I promise myself to be kinder to myself. 

This year I promise myself to work harder.

This year I promise myself to explore.

This year I promise myself to take time to do the things that make my heart happy. 

This year I promise myself to love.

This year I promise myself to really live.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Vet Visits & Diabetic Hedgehogs

I confess....

....I am super late posting this link up because I spent the entire evening at the vet with Reggie last night. I have never been so worried about something in my entire life. Poor little guy was lethargic and dragging his back legs. We rushed him to the vet and it turns out my little man is hypoglycemic. Now he's on a bunch of meds that he does not want to let me give him so that's a huge struggle. I'm just happy that we know what's wrong and can work on fixing it! Too bad he's still a grumpy gus.

...I never thought a small animal could mean so much to me. I cried when I saw him hurt and in pain. It broke my heart into a thousand pieces.

...I don't care that he's not a typical pet, he's still part of my little family and I love him as much as the next person would love their dog.

Making Melissa 

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Humpday Confessions is Officially Back!

I confess...

...I never exit the bus from the back. I refuse to touch that gross, germy strip.

...And I always thank my bus driver on the way out. I feel so rude if I don't. 

...I was realllll stupid and mismanaged my money last month cause I'm an idiot and ended up paying my Visa bill with my rent money. I've been eating ramen for days. 

...I maybe got drunk by myself on Monday night while watching The Bachelor. Apparently I just can't handle my wine like I used to. 

...I have listened to the new Fall Out Boy song approximately 50 times since it came out. It truly is "Irresistible". #seewhatididthere

...I have binge watched Sherlock and now a part of me has died knowing I have to wait one whole year for the next season. 

...I love everything about the BBC. I have also become obsessed with the Graham Norton Show. Honestly, part of me really wishes I lived in the UK. I would love nothing more than to be English. Unfortunately I'm stuck here in Canada, which is a poor second, but at least we still have the Queen. 

...I saw The Imitation Game on the weekend and it made me cry. A lot more than it should have. 

...I have a love/hate relationship with showering. As in I hate showering and love when I don't have to. AKA I'm a mess on the weekends. 

...I'M SO EXCITED TO BRING THIS LINK UP TO LIFE! Make sure you add yours below so I can creep on y'all and learn your dirty secrets. 
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Monday, January 5, 2015

Review Extravaganza Winner Announcement

The 5th Annual Review Extravaganza is now officially over!

First I would like to thank my co-hosts for all of their work, for recapping with me and helping share the word about this review.   I also want to thank all of you who linked up.  It has been so wonderful meeting new bloggers.  I also have loved seeing the responses and seeing how by recapping and looking at the year  as a whole has helped many realize that with time, things do change and can get better.

2014 Review Extravaganza

First a Big Thanks to all the hosts!   Make sure you are following these ladies if you already aren't.
From Top to Bottom-Left to Right:(Click on the names below to get to their blogs)

And now a huge shoutout to the wonderful sponsors!  Thank you so much for donating and being part of this yearly Review, it truly means so much to me! 
The Sponsors and Prizes
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In our simple online program, we’ll show you how to clear your counter of “the pile,” organize projects without the stress, set up an effective Weekly Review system, and keep up with the never-ending stream of emails, phone calls, and papers (yes, it’s possible!).
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Little Blessings by Brenda Gift Coupon 
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Little Blessings in Brenda specializes in hand-made children's clothes.  The winner will receive $75 in credit to Brenda's store.  She has some super adorable Frozen clothes that any little girl would love!
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And now what you have all been waiting for...... (feel like I need a drum roll.)

The Grand Prize winner of the 2014 Review Extravaganza is.....

Tabitha of  A Hundred Tiny Wishes 
The runner up is......
Teh Megan of Can I Decide Another Day
Congrats ladies!! And thank you so much for all who have entered and recapped with us. 

Humpday Confessions Man Candy Reveal!

Hey ladies. Guess what? GUESS WHATTTTTTT?!

You voted and I listened. Well actually, I couldn't decide myself because you all gave such great suggestions. So I enlisted the help of a few friends and gave Kailyn the ultimate decision when designing my button. We have chosen a new man to carry the confession session torch. 


Making Melissa 

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target="_self"><img src="" alt="Making Melissa" width="125" height="125" /></a>

Yeah are you surprised? It's Magic Mike himself. Just look at him in all his suited up glory. So excited. I can't wait to see you all here on Wednesday for Humpday Confessions. Rawr.