Friday, December 18, 2015

Top 10 of 2015: Part One

As 2015 comes to a close, it's hard not to look back at all the big moments. From television, to movies, to the internet, there have been plenty of memorable things that happened this year. I will be counting down my personal top 10 favourite things of 2015!

Let's get this party started shall we?

10. The Rise of the Netflix Original Series

Netflix has really upped their original programming game. Between new seasons of House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and Hemlock Grove, they pretty much had 2015 on lock... and then they introduced some new ones. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was the funniest thing to happen in television this past spring. I will never be able to say Pinot Noir without busting a gut ever again. There were so many shows to love: Grace & Frankie, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Narcos, Sense8 (none of these I have watched though, this is just what I hear from my close friends) and of course, Wet Hot American Summer (this one I did watch multiple times).

But the breakout show for me this year is hands down Master of None. I`ve always loved Aziz. Since first discovering my love for him on Parks & Rec, to watching all of his stand-up specials on Netflix, I've always loved his particular brand of comedy and insight. I'm still waiting to read his book, Modern Romance. Not important though. Anyway, I binged this show in one weekend and he hits the nail on the head for so many situations. From dating in 2015, to the comparison of your life to your peers, to friendship dynamics, he covers exactly what it's like as a 25-35 year old in this day and age. And it's funny as hell. Also, he used his REAL PARENTS. To be honest they stole the show. As did Denise. I highly recommend it.

9. Serial

This podcast took the world by storm in late 2014. And after MONTHS of waiting, we were finally blessed with season two last week. This season, Sarah Koenig explores the Bowe Bergdahl case and there's nothing like a little military mystery. Have you been listening to season two? I love her voice, I could definitely fall asleep to her reading me a bed time story. Can someone make this happen?

8. Scream Queens

If you did not watch Ryan Murphy's latest show, then you're doing life wrong. It mixes truly gruesome murder with some of the funniest characters on television right now. The Chanel's are perfect caricatures of the worst types of Sorority girls in America today.

This cast is stacked. Emma Roberts, Abigail Breslin, Nasim Pedrad Lea Michele, Niecy Nash, Oliver Hudson, Nick Jonas, Ariana Grande and the original Scream Queen, Jamie Lee Curtis. I'm so sad that it's over. It was spit out my wine funny every week, along with being dark and twisted and gory.

7. Sample Source

I love free stuff. There isn't much in this world that gets me going quite like free things. I'm poor and cheap so this shouldn't come as a surprise. I honestly cannot remember where I found out about this, but you can sign up for Sample Source and every 3 months they send you free products. FREE. Last time I got a mish mash of things such as dishwasher fluid, chocolate covered blueberries, and Breathe Right strips. Not only that, but I also go a free subscription to a magazine and I'm in love. So do yourself a favor and sign up here.

6. Whine About It

Matt Bellassai has won the hearts of twenty somethings everywhere. Every week gets continuously funnier and more relatable than the last. Plus, how envious are you that he gets paid to get drunk at his desk and rant? SIGN ME UP FOR THIS JOB!

Here is my personal favourite episode:

Honorable Mentions:

End of the tampon tax - Canadian women coast to coast finally had something to celebrate when it comes to our periods.

Dubsmash - I became a little obsessed with this app earlier this year.

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Check back next week for my top 5! 

What are your fave things from 2015? Let me know in the comments below. 

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

We're All A Little Weird... Or Is It Just Me?

Sometimes I do things and I can't explain why I do them. I'm definitely an odd duck but sometimes these things that I do are so outrageous or stupid that people don't believe it's happened. And then sometimes things happen to me also that I can't explain and I feel like I'm putting out an odd vibe into the universe. I've learned to embrace it. I'm weird - this is not news, this is not changing. But in the last 10 days, my life has been extra ridiculous. Today I am confessing...

Things That Have 100% Happened To Me Recently

- I ran into an ex-boyfriend at a dingy bar when I was with my whole family and took the two dollar ring on my finger and placed it on my ring finger. You know, so he knows how much I have my life together...

- I wanted to avoid someone in the mall so I picked up my cellphone and pretended to be on it and then it rang... really loud.. and it's the Jurassic Park theme. Because everything on my phone was set to Jurassic Park. So that was fun.

- I changed all my ringtones on my phone right after this to everything Christmas related. I changed my alarm clock to Carol of the Bells by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. And scared myself awake the next morning. As in I fell out of my bed and scared the crap out of my dog. I then changed it back to Jurassic Park.

- I've recently taken to replacing song lyrics with my dog's name. So this morning as she was doing her business outside I was full on singing to the tune of Star Wars "Lu-naaaa -aaaaa Lu-na Lu-naaaa-aaa. Lu-na Lu-naaa-aaa. Lu-na Lu-naaaa." As we came around the side of the building there was someone standing there smirking. So that happened. I didn't think anyone else would be out at 6 am....

- I tried to do an interpretive dance to Elastic Heart by Sia with my dog and she got really scared and ran behind the recliner. Apparently I'm a really bad dancer?

- I got pretty tipsy on Friday night and decided that 10 pm was a great time to take Luna for a walk. By myself. In the dark. Through a developing suburb. Where no one lives. I thought I was going to be murdered and burst into tears when I realized I was 2 blocks from home and might end up a statistic. Her growling didn't help my situation. So like from now on... no more drunk night walks.

- I burst into tears when I watched the new Fantastic Beasts trailer and then promptly watched it 6 more times. I was crying because I am not, in fact, a witch and never will be.

- I wanted to stalk someone on Instagram but got worried my fat thumbs would give me away. So I created an Instagram account for the sole purpose of stalking and not worrying about accidentally liking anything. I log into it far more than is healthy.

- I planned out an elaborate Love, Actually confession and played it in my mind and then drank enough wine to convince myself to do it and then fell asleep on top of the construction paper in my room. I woke up and realized the universe was looking out for me for once. #dodgedthatbullet #whatarefeelings?

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Luna Confessions

I confess...

...I talk to my dog more than I talk to other humans. Not only is she a really good listener, but she never judges me or gives me an alternative opinion which is nice.

...when people ask me what's new I literally only talk about my dog. I'm now that person.

...She's actually kind of stupid in the most lovable way. Case in point she stood at the window on alert for approximately 20 her own reflection. #dingus

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...Luna ate my roommate's entire chocolate advent calendar and I have never simultaneously hated and worried about someone so much in my life. Until I knew she was fine and had cost me $300 dollars at the vet and then I just straight up resented her for two full days.

...I was very offended when the vet said that giving her the antibiotics for her chocolate fest was a two person job, and I said oh well it's just me, and he gave me a look. DUDE, I AM A GROWN WOMAN WHO CAN HAVE A DOG AND NOT A MAN. End rant.

...I know I saved her life when I rescued her, but I never knew how much this dog would change mine. In the last 3 months she has changed my life completely and I need her as much, if not more, than she needs me. I didn't know this kind of love for another living thing was even possible.

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Music Monday: Best of 2015 & A Cancer Update

I want to start today off by saying thank you to each and every person who reached out after reading Wednesday's post. I turned off the comments because I just didn't feel it necessary to have them on, and because I didn't think I could handle it. But for those who did reach out, you have no idea what it meant to me.

Since writing that post on Wednesday, we've had a bit of a setback. It turns out that the cancer has spread to my dad's brain and he had a small episode on Wednesday night that saw him at the hospital for the evening. We're now looking at Gamma Knife Radiation surgery before we can proceed with the rest of his treatment, but we're staying positive and hoping for the best. He's lost a bit of his speech from the brain bleed and swelling but he's not letting that keep him down.

I know how hard it is for my mom and even myself to repeat what's happening during this whole process, so this blog will become somewhat of an "update central" for our friends and family going forward. It's hard for me to repeat everything over and over so I apologize if I seem distant. Sometimes I just can't talk about it and I hope you all understand.

I also want to say something quick to the core few who have really been there for me the past few weeks: I truly don't know how I would get through this without you (you know who you are). Just being with me helps more than you know and you can let me know when you're sick of me - I promise I'll stop being so clingy. You're some of the most amazing people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, and to call you my friends is an honor and an understatement. You're life savers. I'll never forget the kindness you've shown me.

When something awful happens in your life, it shows you who your true friends are. I know that you mean every "if you need anything let me know" and "I'm here for you, no matter what". You've shown me what real friendship and love is. I consider myself one of the luckiest people on this planet. I have no idea how I will ever be able to repay you, but know that I will spend the rest of my life trying to be the type of friend you have all been to me.

Before I start crying my guts out, I'll end it here. I just need you to know how special you are to me and how much I appreciate you.


So maybe let's move on to something a little more upbeat (because I need that right now). My dear friend Brooke shared with me a playlist from NPR that I want to share with all of you. They've put together their favorite tracks from 2015. While not everything on this list is my cup of tea, the majority of it is the bomb. So thanks for bringing it to my attention B!

I hope you enjoy it. Have a great week! 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Three Words

I confess I never gave much thought to my parents mortality. Why would I? At 25 years old I took for granted that my family would be around forever. "My parents are invincible" I would think to myself. In my mind, I'd be well into my 40s or 50s before I gave much thought to my parents being "old".

Until one afternoon in September when I received a text that simply said "can you come home right now?" My stomach dropped. I didn't need to go home to know what I was about to hear. I've never believed in intuition as much as I do now. Because my stomach was heavy all day, as though it knew something bad was going to happen.

I fled the office and got in my car in what seemed like seconds. That drive was both incredibly long and incredibly quick. As soon as I walked in the door, one look at my parents' faces confirmed my fears. It felt like someone knocked the wind out of me.

Mom: "You know, Melissa..."

Me: "Don't. Say. It."

The three words that would change my life forever.

Dad: "I have cancer."

In one afternoon, our lives changed entirely. In one sentence, my entire future flashed before my eyes. In one moment, my heart broke.

Bad things don't happen to our family. This isn't supposed to happen. This isn't fair. Why him? These are all things I've been cycling through in my brain for the past few months. My dad is my everything. In the past few years, we've gotten closer, gotten along better - I guess that's what being an adult is. Learning to appreciate your parents. Which is why this is so unfair. I feel like I'm just getting to know him as a person and not just my dad, and now there's a chance that could get ripped away from me.

Nothing was more terrifying and anxiety ridden than those few weeks in October when we still had no answers. I don't think I've ever cried so much in my entire life. I'd cycle through being sad, being mad, being guilty... Guilty because "who am I to be so upset? I'm not the one who has cancer. Imagine how bad it must be for him. You have no right to be upset".

The first couple weeks after the diagnosis, I drank myself to sleep almost every night. Glass of wine after glass of wine. I lived in a haze; somewhere between reality and a world in my head where everything was rainbows and butterflies. Not helpful in the long run and not what my dad would want. So I got help.

I sought out a social worker at CancerCare Manitoba as soon as possible. I knew I wouldn't get through this alone. And she said to write if that's what helped. And it has taken me a long time to be ready to write about this.

Originally, we were working under the assumption that he'd have maybe a year. And all he wanted was for us to continue on with our lives as normal, and try to be as positive as possible. He said he'd fight. Which made me cry even harder.

But as the weeks wore on, doctors gave better news. A few years at least. How morbid that we consider that good news? But we practically clicked our heels.

I spend infinitely more time with my family. Whether that's in person or on the phone. Sometimes I think my parents are sick of how much I'm around but I can't help it. I feel the need to be there all the time now.

Almost instantly, my outlook on life did a 180. Marriage? I want it now. I want my dad to be there. Babies? I want them. I want my parents to be grandparents and I want to raise a family as well as my parents raised us.

So today I confess that life is bitch. She'll hit you like a cement truck head on doing 100 miles an hour. Cancer doesn't discriminate. Cancer doesn't care who you are. Cancer doesn't care about your age, or race, or family, or gender. Cancer sucks.

Fuck Cancer. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

How To: Roasted Honey Sriracha Pumpkin Seeds

One of the best parts of carving a pumpkin is pumpkin seeds. If you don't agree you can leave. 

What I love about pumpkin seeds, is that they're great any time of year. I love snacking on them at my desk and tricking myself into believing I'm healthy. So when my friend Rod found a recipe that involved Sriracha (aka the best sauce in the entire world), I was all over it. 

I brought them into my office and they were such a huge hit that my coworker gave me her pumpkin seeds and asked me to make them for her. 

I roasted these beauties last night and my apartment was consumed by the sweet and spicy smell. And my favorite part? They're so damn easy to make!

Step One: Dry the seeds out

Set your oven to 300F. Spread out about 1 cup of seeds on a tray lined with parchment paper and bake them for about 20 minutes. If they still seem a little damp I'd throw them back in for 5 minute increments until you're satisfied.

Please ignore how utterly nasty my oven is. I need to clean it asap. 

Step Two: Make the sauce

While you're drying out the seeds, mix together the sauce in a bowl with a whisk. I kind of eyeballed mine because I like to live life dangerously. But I'll try and lay it out for you.

1 tbs Sriracha
1 tbs Honey
1/8 tsp Cumin
1/4 tsp Salt
1/4 tsp Olive Oil (if you're cheap like me you can get it at Dollarama)
A few drops of Apple Cider Vinegar

Other recipes call for paprika and ginger powder but I don't find them necessary. But that's totally up to you.

 I 100% didn't need those measuring cups but I thought they added to the aesthetic. 

Step Three: Mix the seeds and sauce

Pour the dried pumpkin seeds into the bowl and mix it together until the seeds are nicely coated. Lay them out on the baking tray again and try to spread them out as much as possible. It's harder because they're sticky but if they stay clumped the sauce won't caramelize properly.

Stick them back in the oven for 5-10 minutes. I find that my oven runs a little hot so I only do 5 minutes. It's really easy to burn them so keep an eye on them!

How easy was that? The whole process lasts 30 minutes. Easy peasy. I hope you enjoy!

Do you have another pumpkin seed recipe you swear by? Let me know so I can try it out!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Music Monday & Weekend in Review

Obviously we can all agree that Monday's suck.

I have a rough time getting out of bed on the best of days, but Monday's just really take the cake. No bueno. What made this week worse, is that Quantico was not on last night, so now I have nothing to come home to watch at the end of today. Worst day ever.

To ease us all back into the week, I've decided that Music Monday needs to be a thing. Again, let's be real, I probably won't have a new playlist every week, but a girl can dream.

Today we have my favorite tracks from Spotify Sessions. Click play and enjoy your day (I'm such a poet).

Aside from the fact that I'm letting my inner Garfield flow and hating on Monday, I had a pretty great weekend. Me and the roommate and some of our friends did a Christmas baking swap so now I have a giant Tupperware container in my freezer full of baked goods. This is going to be the hardest month of my life not eating everything.

I have now managed to complete 75% of my Christmas shopping before December and I'm very pleased with myself about that one. Plus I'm very frugal (re: broke) this year so the hit on my bank account hasn't been that bad, yet the presents are still decent. So #winning.

Also, I curled yesterday (because I've decided I couldn't be more Canadian), and I'm getting so much better, so I was on a high from that of course. And then dinner came and we ordered Chicken Delight last night (so much rhyming today) so my Sunday was just top notch.

I feel like a beluga whale now but damn that chicken and pizza just can't be beat! I'm clearly going to have to go twice as hard at the gym now but I don't want to dwell on that - it takes away from the enjoyment of the pizza.

But enough about me, tell me about your weekend! 

Friday, November 20, 2015

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

If you didn't know, Winnipeg has been hit by Winter. It finally snowed, and while the majority of people I know are upset by this, I am over the moon ecstatic.

I friggin' love winter and snow and playing outside and drinking hot chocolate with Bailey's. Also, Andrea and Eric had this good rule that you can't watch Love Actually until it either a) snows or b) is December 1st. So guess what I'm doing tonight.

My opinion is quite unpopular though. My friends hate the snow. My roommate is pretty much permanently a burrito of blankets and pajamas. Andrea was away all week for work and it wasn't winter when she left. She hates it.

Good thing I have Luna cause that bish loves the snow as much as I do. I made a smart choice getting a Husky. Also yes, my dog has an Instagram, and you should follow her cause she's mega adorable.

Case in point...

But since I don't want to be one of those people who talk about their dog all the time (since I already do that in real life...), let's move on to Friday Favorites with Amanda shall we?

Favorite Song

Favorite Links

This "Whine About It" episode about how pants suck.
What it's like when a loved one is diagnosed with Cancer.
Brooke & Brad's wedding video! (Did I cry watching this? Yes.)
The new Zoolander trailer.
Winnipeg being named a Best Trip for 2016 by National Geographic.

Happy Friday folks! See ya next week. If you need me I'll be reveling in all things winter over on my Snapchat (melissasuggitt1) all weekend! 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Welcome Back

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, Welcome....

Okay now that I've got that out of my system, I want to officially welcome you back to my blog! I've been on quite a hiatus these past few months. I just felt like something was missing and I lost the desire to come to this space. I don't regret it one bit because I was able to really be present in my life and there for the people who needed me most. There's been a lot going on for me these last few months that I'll start to share as the days go by. I wasn't okay for a very long time.

When I felt that itch to return I knew it needed to be different. So I enlisted the help of my dear friend Kailyn and she redesigned everything for me! Seriously, she's a good friend, I love her to bits. I also felt it was time for a name change. I wanted it to be simple, so I went with the most simple thing I could think of: my name. Melissa Nicole is going to be less about what I think others want to read and more about me, myself and I. I'm not really sure what that's going to look like quite yet, but you can be sure that it will most likely include a lot of dating fails. There's been quite a few this last little while...

One thing I want to make clear is that I'm not going to commit myself to this space every day. It's a lot of pressure and I won't stand for it!

In the meantime, if you've followed me on Instagram the past few months, you'll notice one of the bigger changes in my life. This beauty right here:

This is Luna a.k.a. Lunar, La Lune, Lune, Lunesta, Luna Lovedog, LIGHT OF MY FREAKING LIFE. 

I honestly did not know how much I could love another living thing until I rescued this girl. She's a husky/collie cross and just turned 1 this past weekend! So you can bet your bottom dollar I'm going to be writing about her quite a bit. 

Anyway, feel free to explore a little bit. The "Best Of" page has been updated and I'm still working on the "About Me". 

See you all very soon. I'm glad to be back!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Harry Potter Party - From My Drafts

Hopefully I'll be relaunching soon with all new content! Until then, let's take a look at some of my drafts this week. 

As I go through the redesign and re-branding process of this little blog of mine, I'm finding things in my drafts that I can't believe I forgot to share! Like this post about my roommate's Harry Potter themed birthday. It was one of the highlights of my summer. 

We did a mystery dinner where you didn't know what you were ordering. Every item on the menu was a Harry Potter themed name like "Dementor's Kiss" or "Dobby's Sock". The kicker was that 3 of the items on the menu were a fork, a spoon, and a napkin. Since you didn't know what anything was, it was a straight up gamble for each course. Which meant I ended up with spaghetti and pudding and no spoon or fork. It was incredibly messy but also incredibly fun. 

She put a lot of effort into making this night fun for all of us girls! 



If it's not yet obvious, I clearly have a thing for Harry Potter. An all out obsession if you will. I honestly don't think there will ever be a book or series of books in my lifetime that will ever make me feel the way good ol' HP did. It is ingrained in my childhood memories and during my adolescent years. 

So imagine how thoroughly excited I was when my roommate decided to throw a Harry Potter party for her 25th birthday. And boy did she put effort into it! 

Below are some pictures from that evening. She done good...

I hope you enjoyed your day roomie!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Have you ever wanted to travel the world in a night? I know it seems impossible, but bear with me here. For anyone not familiar with Winnipeg, we have a festival that runs for two weeks every August that allows you to do just that. Folklorama is a celebration of life and culture; it's the longest running multicultural festival of its kind in the world. Essentially, it allows you to experience the food, the life, the history, and more of over 40 cultures every summer. 

The festival is a staple of a Winnipeg summer. Year after year, I find myself visiting pavilions old and new. Year after year, I learn something new about Winnipeg's many people. I was lucky enough this year to hit five pavilions in one day. Are you ready to hear about my adventure? Well buckle up, because here we go!

UK Pavilion - 1770 King Edward St.
3:45 PM

My family history is closely tied to the UK. On both sides, I have English and Irish heritage respectively. I'm a huge fan of all things UK. The BBC, Benedict Cumberbatch, The Beatles, the food...

My first stop was the tea room. I chose the earl grey tea and a sample of the vegan chocolate cake, the custard tart, and an imperial cookie. My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach. But oh how delicious it was. Teh cake was moist and chocolately (not a word but it needs to be), the imperial cookie literally melted in my mouth, and the tart had fresh berries all over it. With four more pavilions to go I would definitely need to pace myself better.

During the whole experience, I could almost pretend I was in a Jane Austen novel. I felt so proper sipping my tea from a fancy cup, pinky up. The ladies in the tea room were wonderful. Just about the nicest people I've ever met and so attentive. If you go, tell Lisa I sent you!

As I was finishing up, I noticed my elbows were on the table. Jane Austen would not be proud of me…

Hungaria Pavilion – 2055 Ness
5:15 PM

Next stop, Hungary! Leslie greeted me at the door and was the sweetest. She recommended the chimney cake which was new to the pavilion this year. I chose a cinnamon one and went to town. The soft, gooey pastry was still slightly warm and the sugar covering it was the perfect amount to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Of course, what’s Hungary without goulash? Well I wouldn’t know since I’d never tried it. I changed that quickly. Side note: did you know that it`s pronounced goo-yash and not goo-lash? I did not.   

The pavilion opened at 4:45 and when I got there at 5 the line for food was already around the side of the room. I think that tells you what to expect. Hint: it’s great.

On a screen at the front they had a PowerPoint playing on a loop that pointed out things and people that were from Hungary. I thought it was quite interesting. For example, did you know that the Pulitzer prize is named afterJoseph Pultizer, born in Hungary? Or how about the inventor of Excel, Charles Simonyi, having been born in Budapest? Pretty interesting if you ask me and a great touch to the pavilion. 

Slovenija Pavilion – 720 Alverstone

I rolled my way over to Slovenija for dinner. Bar none, this may have been my favorite stop of the night. Not to say it was better than the rest, but because Helen made it such a lovely experience for me. She greeted me at the door and led me around the cultural display. She then set me up with a sampler platter and the Ukrainian girl in me went nuts. Perfectly spiced pork sausage, coleslaw with a light vinaigrette dressing, potato salad to rival my mother’s and a crepe to top it all off. I knew I was in trouble; I was stuffed. So much for pacing myself…

The glass of white wine I had paired really well with what I'd chosen and was the perfect touch to cap off an extraordinary meal.

The entertainment consisted of lots of accordions which made me want to get up and dance pretty bad. I held back though, don't worry. I wasn't quite ready to grace the world with my Elaine Benes dance moves.

Oh, and I will also give five imaginary dollars to the first person who can correctly identify what is in the below picture. Hint: Some seriously cool Slovenian history.

Ethiopia Pavilion – 215 Selkirk Ave

From Europe we jetted off to Africa and landed in Ethiopia. I've been a huge fan of Ethiopian food since I worked in the West End. But come on, any time I am encouraged to eat with my hands I’m on board. I brought my best friend to this pavilion with me as she'd never experienced Ethiopian culture and frankly, I couldn't keep eating on my own. We shared the injera platter and destroyed it in minutes. If you've never tried Ethiopian, I’ll warn you it can be spicy, but trust me when I say the flavors are an explosion of delight in your mouth.

My favorite part about the pavilion was the coffee. I drink a lot of coffee in a day; 8 cups to be exact. So I know my coffee. They were brewing it fresh up at the front and the aroma was incredible. I highly recommend you try it if you can!

While I was stuffing my face, we watched the dancers on stage. The energy they have is incredible. If I only had 1/5 the energy and charisma they do, I'd be unstoppable. Please, I beg of you, go take in this pavilion. They put so much effort into making sure you have a great experience. GO!

German Pavilion – 121 Charles St.
9:45 PM

Folklorama is amazing for many reasons, but where else can you get from Ethiopia to Germany in under two minutes? Seriously, they are only two blocks apart. But since I'd eaten enough to feed an entire family of 5 by this point, I confess I drove to Germany. I know, for shame, for shame... I could have used the walk!

Now, I have a particular soft spot for the German pavilion because my friends and I have a tradition of going to the late night party every single year. We take a limo bus that’s how dedicated we are (safety first folks)! You could say I’m a veteran at this pavilion. I walked right up to the counter to order my food with pure confidence. Schnitzel please. Schnitzel with a side of Apple Strudel. There was no tort left for me by the time I arrived, but I've had it every other year and I highly recommend it as well. I was nice and split the apple strudel with my friends, who yes, had chosen the same night to take in the German Pavilion.

Hands down, the best part about this pavilion is how interactive it is with the audience during the entertainment. Everyone participates and I know the dances by heart now. I told you, we go every year. 
A video posted by Melissa (@melissanicole14) on


I only managed to hit five pavilions in one day. Honestly, if I had more energy, and the stomach capacity, I would have gone to five more (although time definitely would not have permitted this). Learning about and experiencing cultures vastly different from my own is an eye opening experience. I highly recommend you take a trip around the world too. Folklorama runs until August 15th, so put on your party hats and start prepping your stomachs. You're in for a treat!

Now it's your turn; I want to know about your experiences. What pavilions did you see? What did you learn? But most importantly... what did you eat?

Folklorama Info:

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Twenty Days

Twenty days. That's how long I've been gone from this little space of mine. That's how many days have been jam packed. That's how many days I've enjoyed living life in the moment.

So where have I been while I pulled a Jessi? (I swear I didn't mean to copy her on purpose. Twenty must just have some sort of cosmic meaning for us....) 

What I've learned

- You get back what you put out into the world. I'm ready to make my own magic. 
- How to cook proper meals. Being off for two months really gave me time to expand my horizons in the kitchen, and let me just say, I'm a domestic dream. 
- Online dating is horrible. Or you know, dating in general... 
- Getting fit and in shape is not an instant process and I'm very impatient.
- Sage smells exactly like weed when you burn it. Sorry neighbours, I swear I'm not doing anything illegal!
- I'm really good at interpreting tarot cards. And by that I mean making things up.
- Being alone is pretty great but I finally feel like I'm almost healed. Which has been a long time coming.

What I've done

- I started a new job. One that I already love more than I thought I could. You know when you just feel in your bones that you made the right decision? That's where I am right now.
- I went to the One Direction concert and let my inner 14 year old shine. 
- I started on an actual diet. 
- I watched Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time ever on a beach. 
- I went to Les Miserables at Rainbow Stage and tears were shed. 
- I spent so much time with my family that I actually miss them now that I'm working again. 
- I explored the province in my time off. Mini summer road trips are the best. 
- My sister and I saw Chris D'Elia perform over the past weekend and I've never laughed so hard in my life. 

One Direction

Investors Group Field full of screaming girls for 1D

Pelican Lake. My province is beautiful!

Gimli Film Festival Night 1 - Rocky Horror on the Beach

Friday, July 10, 2015

So funny...

Wanna hear something hilarious? It's just so funny guys. 

SO you know when you get ghosted. And then you get really mad so you text him and call him out. And then after a week of ignoring you he responds saying he was out of cell range and he;s sorry and he's just really busy and he forgot to text you before he left. And then he stops talking to you all together again. 

And then your cousin tells you to sign up for Plenty of Fish cause it's fun and you do and it's hilarious and fun all at the same time. 

And then the morning after you wake up and then you get a message from someone and it's your effing GHOSTER? ISN'T THAT HILARIOUS!?

A few questions. 

1) Did you even look at my pictures? I feel like you didn't and that's why you thought you could message me. 
2) Are you high?
3) What the actual fu**.
4) What was going through your brain?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Where I've Been

I confess...

... I disappeared from blogging for a few weeks with no explanation and for that I apologize to all my humpday confessors.  I took a break because I could barely put my thoughts into coherent sentences, let alone write them down. 

... It's been a tough few weeks. I lost my job at the beginning of the month and I also had a pretty bad anxiety attack right before that. It doesn't help that I've been in a deperessive state for the majority of the last two months. Trying to work all of that out while still blogging proved far too difficult. I know in a previous post I stated that I wanted to commit to writing since it helped, but when I could barely get out of bed or off the couch, I just decided "screw it". 

... Being ghosted definitely didn't improve my bad mood. It just made me angry on top of sad. You can read about that in my post from yesterday.

... Among the bad is a world of good. I'm doing better this week! The job hunt is slow but I'm very lucky that my family and friends are so supportive. It also helps that the weather has been hot and sunny lately which encourages me to get out of the house. 

... My cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and I've been fortunate to spend a lot of time with them. 

... It's Canada Day and I'm out enjoying the festivities with my family. I've been spending quite a bit of time lately as they're the ones who are home the most during the day. It's safe to say that my parents see me more now than they ever did when I lived at home.

I can't wait to read all of your confessions and catch up with everyone. Make sure you  link up below!

 Making Melissa 

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I have a little bit of a rant today. So if you're not interested in reading the words of a woman scorned, then I will give you a second to leave. 


Alright, that's enough. 

Dating is hard. Like, way more difficult than getting my university degree and I'm not even exaggerating. I'd rather take statistics like 500 times than have to deal with the dating landscape of 2015. With technology being so pervasive in dating culture, it's not hard to see why. We all go into knowing that with one swipe something better could come along. Constantly being connected hasn't led to us being more together as a society, in fact, sometimes it can make you feel even more alone. We have this constant need to prove we can do better, have better, be better. 

Technology puts up a barrier that never used to exist. It dehumanizes the person/people you communicate with. It's never been easier to drop someone and move on to the next. Look, I have no problem being dumped. It happens. I get that sometimes two people don't mesh, or one person isn't interested anymore, and when someone tells me "hey I don't think it's going to work out", I gather up my pride and move on. But that's only when someone has the decency to actually COMMUNICATE that with me. 

Which brings me to today's topic: Ghosting. No I don't mean this kind of ghost. 

For those unfamiliar with the term, in today's modern dating culture, Ghosting refers to the act of completely falling off the face of the earth without telling the person you are seeing that you are in fact, over it. It means disappearing. Like 100% ceasing communication one day without any slight indication as to what happened, or why, or if you're even dead or alive. 

And that is the biggest dick move you could ever pull you slimy coward. Nothing is worse than assuming you're going to be seeing someone on the weekend, and the day-of they stop answering your texts. They don't tell you why they no longer wish to speak to you, the days before were normal and there was nothing in the conversations that would lead me to suspect that this wasn't working out. In fact, telling someone you want to make time for them, and making them feel special, and then dropping off the face of the goddamn earth, while still looking at their snapchats, is deplorable. 

Next time dudes, grow some balls and be a man. Just tell her you're not interested. It's uncomfortable but at least it won't make us go all Carrie Underwood on your ass. 

(For the record I would never actually do this but it feels pretty good to imagine doing it in my head.)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Zakia's Morocco Beauty Review

When I need to relax, one of the first things I do is hop in a hot bath. I'm your cliche white girl with a bazillion candles and a glass of wine in hand, soaking in a giant pool of bubbles. Sometimes though, it's not quite enough and I need to treat myself to a spa night.

Lately I've been having a really rough go of life, so I set aside time to myself on Saturday night and pampered myself to the nines. We're talking foot scrub, cucumbers, and my new favorite thing in the whole world: Zakia's Morocco Ghassoul Clay Mask. 

It was easy to mix and apply. I think next time I'm going to try out a full body mask. Oh and you know what else? You can also use it as a hair mask. Seriously, it's a wonder product. 

 My skin was amazingly smooth as soon as I washed it off. It's 3 days later and my skin is still smooth and glowing. I have yet to find a mask that works as fast as this one. My face feels so clean!

Because I love you all so much and because Zakia is the nicest, I've got a 20% Discount code for all of my lovely readers! Just go to their website here and use the code ZMBLOG-236.  

Browse the other products and let me know what you think! I hear the black soap is amazing as well.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015


For today's confession I wanted to talk about something I know a lot of people can relate to: poor eyesight. I confess that when I was little ALL I ever wanted was to wear glasses. I was such a weirdo right?

Unfortunately, my wish came true when I was 11. The headaches had started and the eye doctor confirmed my dream (and now nightmare) had come true. I would need glasses. Eleven year old me was pumped. Twenty five year old me hates eleven year old me. 

Since I'm so blind, I need to wear glasses all day every day. I've worn some real hideous pairs in the past. I rocked the Harry Potter style glasses until late in high school. Horrible. This is why it's very important to me that now when I invest in a pair, they look good, last a long time and go with everything.

I was pumped when Firmoo contacted me and offered me a pair to try. This company is right up my alley: affordable, trendy and a diverse selection. I honestly sat on their website for over an hour trying to choose a pair because I had so many options and I just wanted them all. It didn't help that they have a page with new products every day because it just made me want more!

I finally settled on a pair of black frames with a pop of blue. I'm really boring and practical so I needed something black and plain. I don't want to have to change glasses with every outfit. 

Waiting for them to come in the mail was agonizing. When I saw my package finally sitting there I was a kid on Christmas. I didn't even wait to get into my apartment, I opened them in the elevator. I was so excited to see they came with a pretty case and a purse sized cleaning kit. 

And guess what? It gets so much better. 

If you go to this page, you can get 15% off your first pair, just for being a new customer! I highly recomend Firmoo. Their customer support is great and these came within 3 days of being ordered. Quick service to boot? I might be getting 2, or 4, or 8 more pairs. 

If you're in the market for new glasses, check them out and let me know what you think! 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My State of Being

Today's confession is going to be slightly different than usual. If you've been around these parts lately, you've probably noticed I've been m.i.a. fairly often. So today I confess that I've been having a really rough go of it lately.

A skill I've honed over the better part of a decade is pretending everything is fine. I should pursue acting, since that's what I spend the majority of my life doing. I've gotten really good at hiding. I hide my feelings, I hide my mood, I hide inside myself.

Lately, I haven't wanted to leave my apartment. I can't get off the couch, I barely eat, I can hardly force myself out of bed in the morning to go to work. If I didn't have to pay rent, I'd probably have already quit just so I can spend my days in bed sleeping, commiserating and hurting.

What hurts me so, you may ask? That's the shitty thing. Nothing. Looking at my life you'd think "What does she have to complain about?" It's true; by all accounts I'm lucky. Everything seems stable and I'm surrounded by love. But that's not how depression works. ("That's not how this works! That's not how any of this works!" points if you know this meme.)

It hits you like a cement truck and doesn't care that your life, from the outside, looks pretty damn great. So lately I've been drowning. I have had no desire to do anything, including shower frequently and eat (which are two of the hardest things I have to force myself to do), least of all pour my heart out into this damn blog. But I want to change that. Because over the past two years, this blog is one of the outlets that helped the most. It's hard to give myself a good hard shake; I need to be shaken to the core. I want so hard to help myself be better. That's something I've struggled with throughout my entire battle; knowing that I can't just make myself better.

So I'm going to try really hard to come back to this space. To be honest and write exactly what is going on. I'm sick of feeling weak. I'm sick of playing the victim. I'm sick of being indifferent about my life. I want to be strong. I have a great life and I want to enjoy it.

So today I confess that I've let my disease define who I am. Something I swore I would never do. And I'm here to confess that I want to fight. 


Thursday, May 28, 2015

I'm Sorry Guys

I'm sorry for skipping out yesterday. It's been a rough week and a half. I'll explain more tomorrow or Monday maybe. In the meantime I got you a present so don't be mad at me just watch this...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Humpity Hump Day Confessions

I confess... 

...I had a date last night. I know, I know, what happened to just enjoying being single? Well guys, I just really wanted some free drinks. SO SUE ME.

...I'm highly unsure if a second date will follow since I ended the first one by shooting finger guns and winking and saying "Thanks for not murdering me". At least I didn't shake his hand this time?

...I hid my crazy really well though so snaps for Melissa?

...the date was the complete opposite of what I'm used to and I'm still trying to process it. I should not complain, because when I say opposite, I mean an actually decent human being.

...when he asked if 8 was okay to pick me up, it took all my will power not to groan and say no. I'm such a grandma, but 8 is only one hour away from when I go to bed!

Now it's your turn. Link up below!

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