Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Year in Review - January to June


The year started off big for me. It was my first taste of freedom! Family friends were going away for three months and asked if I'd come stay at their house while they were away. It was the first time I had to work out a grocery budget, cook for myself, take care of a house and all around be an adult. Which I realized was a lot harder than I had ever imagined. It was also the month I realized I needed more money and went back to working retail when I swore I never would again.


This was a month of cold and an abominable amount of snow. Winnipeg was in the midle of a deep freeze so the most that happened was I got behind on shoveling snow and got my car stuck in my driveway. Real bad. We can revisit that story here.


This was when I decided to dabble in podcasting. It didn't go very far. But it was also the month that I went to the Junos! It's the biggest night in Canadian music and it was one of the best nights ever. Caitlin and I really solidified our friendship bond at that concert. Oh and it was also the month I thought I was going to get murdered and slept with a knife beside my bed. Too much Criminal Minds for sure...


One of the better months of the year. Not only did I spend the whole month packing up 24 years of my life to move into my first apartment, but it was also the month my parents took my sister and I to Las Vegas for the first time. It was better than I'd imagined. I mean sure, I was excited to go, but I was going with my parents so it's not like there'd be a lot of partying. Turns out, there a whole other side to Vegas I never dreamed was so cool! I wrote all about it here. Oh and I guess I should mention this was the month I also met Jay. Just a few days after our birthdays, actually. Oh right, our birthdays are one day apart.


I put on my big girl panties and I moved into my first apartment. It's been a hell of a ride but I love it. I love my little home and I never want to leave. Which is fine because I'm too poor to go anywhere anyway. May was also when Reggie came into my life. My fat, angry hedgehog. God I love him but hate him all the same. He's just so cute but such a dickhead.


This was a month full of friends and fun. I spent all my weekends with my favorite people. From Paws In Motion and our Harry Potter themed team to raise money for the Winnipeg Humane Society, to a weekend out at the lake celebrating Jon's birthday, it was one of my favorite months all year!

There you have the first half of my year! I can't wait to go around reading about yours. Make sure you link it up so I can see it :).

2014 Review Extravaganza


  1. I feel you on the snow! My February was very similar haha. And your hedgehog is so stinking cuteee

  2. Looks like a great first half of the year!! And Reggie is just so darn cute I cant stand it!!!

  3. Yeeeeeee July is when you came to Portland! I can't wait to read about that!

  4. you have a HEDGEHOG?!?! How awesome and adorable!

  5. i love that you moved into your own place .... and got a hedgehog... i mean. it doesn't get cooler!

  6. Love reading this because I only stumbled on your blog in the last few months. YAY for all the awesome things this year!

  7. That beach picture is so cool! Awesome step moving into your own place. That hedgehog is too cute!

  8. That is a lot of snow... or so it looks. YUCK! And I remember spending my time packing up my life :)