Thursday, December 11, 2014

Top 5 Travel Essentials

The holidays are upon us in full force and for some, that means lots of traveling. I'm lucky that my family lives so close to me and I can hunker down in the snow and not worry about catching a flight, or finding a taxi, or losing my luggage. For some, holiday travel is something they have to deal with year in and year out. 

So today I thought it was the perfect time to share my travel tips. There's a few things I refuse to leave behind because they make all the difference. Whether it's in preparation for an emergency or just to pass the time better, these are my top 5 travel essentials!

1. Neck Pillow

I can sleep pretty much anywhere. I could lay on a rock and fall asleep. This tends to lead to neck and back pain though so when I'm traveling, be it by plane or car, I make sure I bring my leopard neck pillow with me for that extra support. Then I can sleep with no worries. I just feel bad for the poor suckers beside me who have to listen to me snore. 

2. Extra Phone Charger

There is nothing worse then getting to your destination, or off the airplane between flights, and realizing you forgot your charger. How are you supposed to keep your sanity around your family if you can't text your friends back home to complain? I always make sure I pack an extra charger in my suitcase the night before I leave just in case I forget to grab

3. Arbonne FC5 Travel Kit

This is a recent discovery of mine and I will never go on a trip without it again. It's the perfect size and has everything I need; it makes traveling so much easier. Plus you can't go wrong with kiwi and strawberry extract. My hair and body smelled so nice! And just think, if you get stuck in an airport for a few days, at least you have something to wash up with in the sink. Or if the airline is nice, your hotel room. 

4. Music

Are we even surprised? Music is half my life. Plus if you're stuck on a layover, at least you'll have something to do to pass the time. If you're looking for some good travel music this year, may I suggest Spotify's top artists to watch in 2015? I love them all., You probably will too so you're welcome. Thanks Brooke for sending me the list ;).


Some of my favorite include granola bars, muffins, trail mix, or dried fruit. If you're ever stuck in the car due to bad weather, or at the airport for a cancelled flight, you're gonna get hungry. I like to munch when I'm stressed and bored so might as well make it slightly healthy. 

And if you're ever stuck for a ride? Why not try Turo (Formerly RelayRides)? They even have airport car rentals available across the country!  I know what I'm doing next time I fly to Portland. When they approached me to share my travel essentials I had a look around their website and I can't wait to try it next time I go on vacation!

So now it's your turn. What are your travel essentials? How do you prepare for a travel emergency?


PS don't forget that tomorrow is the last day to link up for the Review Extravaganza. I can't wait to read all of yours! I've had so much fun writing mine. 


  1. i wanna smell like kiwi and strawberry ;)

    now come visit meeeeeeeeeee

  2. Oh yes to the snacks. I used to keep Wheat Thins in my car. Snacks are very important to me.

  3. You forgot books! You always pack a million books on your travels!

  4. books, shows/movies! i also bring a crap ton of water :)