Monday, December 1, 2014

15 Signs Your Relationship Works

Welcome back to Relationship Week! I'm so excited to be bringing this back for a third time. This week I'll have some posts from some of my favorite lady bloggers, so keep your eyes peeled for those. 

Today, I wanted to start off positive, so I bring you...

15 Ways You Know Your Relationship Is Working

1. You can go a few days without seeing each other and that's okay. You don't need to be with them every waking minute; you have your own life and they have theirs and it's a beautiful thing. 

2. Their friends are your friends and vice versa. Nothing says it's working more than acceptance from the friends. 

3. Same goes with family. You feel completely comfortable around their family and yours treats them like one of their own. 

4. They remember the little things: the first song you slow danced to, your favorite flavor of toaster strudel, your sister's favorite flavor of ice cream. And they go out of the way to show you they remembered in small ways. 

5. You're okay to just sit on the couch (opposite ends) in your pj's and binge Netflix. You don't need a fancy date to have fun together. Catching up on that next episode of Mad Men is more than enough to count as quality time together. 

6. They make your life easier. From plugging in your car when they get home from work, to running a few errands for you, or even taking your dad out to lunch when no one else has time. They make sure your life is a little less stressful with no complaints. 

7. You laugh. A lot. It's not hard to have fun together. 

8. You can share a toothbrush in a pinch. (Don't lie, you've done it.)

9. They let you pop their blackheads. You don't even have to ask. You see it and go right for it and they just lay there til you're done. Perfection. 

10. Two words: Friendly Competition. Board games and card games have taken on a new meaning. You no longer try to be nice while playing, it's a full on bloodbath. 

11. Car singing has gone from sheepishly humming along to your favorite song to belting out the Backstreet Boys while singing off key right in each other's faces. 

12. You communicate. Awkward doesn't exist anymore. Something that needs to be discussed gets hashed out and then you move on. You don't have to guess what the other person is feeling. 

13. You both have an undying love for Taco Bell. (Wait, or is that just my relationship?)

14. You fart in front of each other (more accurately he does in front of you.. ahem). But for reals, nothing says I'm comfortable and I trust you more than a fart in bed in the morning. Nothing kills the magic faster either. Goodbye romance. 

15. Lastly, you just can't imagine reaching your goals without them by your side. They're your person. Simple as that. 

What do you consider a sign of a healthy relationship?

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  1. Love the 101 Dalmation GIF at the end :) I think this is a good list!

  2. Fact Fact Fact! I've nailed about 12 of these in my current relationship!

  3. I'll keep this list in mind for that hypothetical time in the future where I let someone talk to me for more than two weeks in a row and then see if I'm doing that whole relationship thing right

  4. NO! Sharing toothbrushes is NOT allowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd rather not brush my teeth at all (THAT I've done quite a few times). hahaha

  5. Aw I love this list! I can say I have done everything on here except for sharing a tooth brush -- I use my finger if worst comes to worst ha ha. YES TO ALL THE TACO BELL!

  6. Love all of these! Going days without seeing each other, I'm a pro! my fiance and I live together, but we hardly see each other... actually we really only see each other on fridays!!