Monday, November 3, 2014

Things I Learned This Weekend: Wedding Edition

1. Fireball is not my friend.

2. Open bar weddings defeat me.

3. Andrea's couch is more comfortable than my bed.

4. Bohemian Rhapsody is the best song to end a wedding with.

5. Thinking I can handle that one last drink was a bad idea.

6. Knowing the Backstreet's Back dance will garner lots of applause.

7. You should always have a GoPro on the dance floor.

8. Photobooths are underrated.

9. M&M's on the table is a genius move. Thank you Mike & Mel.

10. Buffets are the best option for weddings. I could have shoveled 8 more plates of potatoes into my cave-sized mouth. Again, thank you Mike & Mel.

11. Jay's giggle is infectious and I need to work on my kegels.

12. I have an allergy to mold and moldy pumpkins will set that off very heavily.

13. If you can't go out on Halloween, then turning off all the lights, lighting a million candles and watching the classics is a great way to spend it.

14. I still fit children's costumes and there was a freaking TACO COSTUME!

Now here's a photo dump of Mike & Mel's wedding.

(I don't remember giving my glasses to Curt...)

(i cut the top of this off on purpose because awful)

oh yeah, I caught the bouquet


  1. OhmyGawd I'd love a taco costume like yours - you're even making the same pose as the person on the packaging! Speaking of tacos..... get to them kegels!

  2. Fun times! That taco costume is golden, it has my vote for next year

  3. did you actually take out that costume RIGHT IN THE STORE and put it on? because if you did, mad props to that.

  4. Oh that taco costume!!! And I would sleep in a couch over a bed any time!

  5. The last wedding I went to the bartender said: "this is a wedding, not a regular bar!" after our 10th shot of fireball/rumchata. Clearly you don't know my friends, kind sir.

  6. I've been complaining about the amount of weddings I've had to go to this season for months, but I feel like you've gone to even more!

  7. That taco costume is awesome! Also, that wedding looks like so much fun! Fireball and I have never been friends and as of a few months ago hard alcohol and I are not on speaking terms.