Monday, October 6, 2014

Put On My Face

1. Nars Scarlet Empress 2. Arbonne Calm Daily Moisturizer 3. Essie "Bordeaux" 4. Arbonne Mascara 5. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette 6. Arbonne CC Cream

There's nothing I love more about fall than the beauty trends. Every year I look forward to seeing what's next. This year, I'm all about a natural look with a pop of oxblood red. Seriously, give me a tube of some seriously vampy lipstick and I'm yours.

Before I can get going on that red train though, I have to make sure my face is up for the challenge. I get really dry, red, flaky skin in the fall/winter. It's gross and I hate it. Enter Arbonne moisturizer. It has literally changed my life. It goes on light and soaks into my skin leaving it velvety soft but not dewy or greasy. After that I just slap on some CC cream because who even needs foundation, and my face is done. The CC cream is the best. It spreads perfectly from a small amount and leaves my skin so smooth and doesn't clog my pores. Oh and did I mention it's 50% off right now!? Yeah I loaded up on it. If you want to load up on it too, let me know and I'll help you out!

After that, I sweep on a little bit of my favorite eye shadow. I've come to really appreciate a well matched palette. I was debating between Naked 2 or Naked 3 and I just prefer the browns to the pinks so I went with 2. Seriously, I never before thought I could justify $65 on one piece of makeup but I have seen the light. I'm not sure I can go back to my 3 dollar palettes after this...

I hardly wear eye liner since I've discovered Arbonne mascara. I've been fortunate in this life to be gifted with long dark eyelashes so this just accentuates that and makes them look unbelievably long and lustrous. Also, it doesn't clump so win on that end.

Then it's time for my vampy lipstick paired with wine/oxblood nails. OH MY GOD I LOVE IT.  I just love fall. I LOVE IT!

What's your October beauty routine? I want to know!


  1. uhhhh betch, where is the photo with you rocking all this goodness!?

  2. yeah, you said it, brookelyn. selfie, please!

    my skin was freaking out (dry, flaky, gross) as it always does when the weather gets cold so i ate a shit ton of avocados and now everything is ok.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I want your eyelashes, in the least creepy way possible.

  4. LOVE beauty posts. I have been wanting the naked3 pallete. I have heard so much good stuff, but paying 50 plus bucks on eye shadow is heard (i know, what a cheapo) but I am thinking I might just bite the bullet and do it.

  5. The naked palettes are my favorite! I only have the first one, but I would love to have the second and third in my collection too!


  7. Wine nails, YES. I'm obsessed right now. Still unsure if I can pull off the vampy lip, but I'm going to keep trying, hah!

  8. Ok well now I want that nail polish and all those Arbonne things!

  9. That lip and nail color.. YESSSSS please.