Thursday, October 23, 2014

I Wish I Were Better At This

I WILL NOT GIVE UP! I am clearly a major failure and because of that I keep forgetting to write posts. For once I'm actually busy in life and I am so not used to this. So to continue the trend of smushing things together here's a catch up of the last few days' topics!

Day 20: Best Prank

this is my thinking face...

So now that I need to write about it I realize I've never actually pulled a good prank I've only ever been pranked. And now I feel like a failure. It is my new goal in life to make someone pee their pants in fear from a prank. Much like I pretty much did when my lovely neighbor hid in my yard, on a tricycle, wearing a leprechaun costume, and scared the bejeebus out of me when I got home after school one day. I was 17... it was not my proudest moment.

I think I need to prank him back...

Day 21: Must-Watch Halloween Cartoons

It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

Silly Symphony: The Skeleton Dance

Day 22: Scariest Place You've Been

My friends and I were idiots when we were younger and would explore "haunted" places. One time we went to an abandoned barn/house in the country and I nearly peed myself. I'm sure it was set up this way on purpose but there was a noose hanging from a rafter and a pair of shoes right below them. The story was that a man had hung himself in the farmhouse. So after nearly falling through the rickety old staircase, trying to run back up it was no easy feat. But then we were like yeah hey let's explore the barn too. And there was a tatty old dress just chillin on some hay and there was this chilling feeling so we booked it out of there. This was also located beside a cemetery so ya know, there's that. I was 15 with an overactive imagination, but you couldn't pay me to go back there. 

Day 23: Favorite Fall Scents

PUMPKIN EVERYTHING. No but seriously, I love love looooove the caramel pumpkin latte candle I currently have. And the pumpkin cookie air freshener in my car. But then there's also something about the smell of a bonfire on a cool autumn night. Crackling wood and the smoke rising with your best friends all around you. There's a distinct smell. It's a mix of the smoke, wood, dewy grass, marshmallows fallen leaves and the crisp, cool air all around. It's my favorite smell.
Now my pretties, share! I want to hear your answers for these 4 topics! 

Making Melissa


  1. Gosh Melissa!!! I even tried to link up with you and everything! Haha :P

    I love Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!! And fall scents are my favorite! Give me every single one of the B&B Works ones!!!!!!!!!

  2. hahahaha I've never seen skeleton symphony but I think I love it!

  3. That candle picture made me remember I wanted to check if BBW candles are on sale.. GOOD NEWS 2/$22 IS ON RIGHT NOW so I know what I'm doing after work now. PS totally with you on the smell of bonfires. Something so perfect about it!

  4. You are not a failure :) Life happens! And YESSSS to fall scents, I love all of them, there's nothing quite like 'em!

  5. Seriously that prank story is brilliant! I so want to do that to one of my friends. That would have scared the heck out of me. Pumpkin spice everything! BFTW!