Friday, October 31, 2014


It's here. OMG IT'S HERE! My favourite day of the whole entire year. I'm gonna pee; I am SO EXCITED!

Today we're talking about Halloween rituals and I don't mean of the blood sacrifice variety. Every Halloween looks pretty much the same for me. Well, since I stopped trick r treating anyway. It usually starts off with a mood-setting playlist. Something like the one I've created for you here:

The rest of my work day is spent in restless excitement, waiting for the moment I can bust out of the office and head home. Once home, I add the finishing touches to the decorations in the yard (which by the way is subpar now that I don't live there anymore, eugh), and make sure my pumpkin is set up and ready to be lit. Then comes an agonizing hour of waiting for the kids to start coming by. But then when they do I either try to scare the living daylights out of them, or gush about how adorable they are in their costumes. 

My little friends from down the street usually come and show off their costumes and they are always super cute. Also, this year Brooklyn is going to be a Unicorn and I cannot wait to see it. Side note, she's almost two. What the actual eff? Where has time gone, my baby is growing up so fast....
Oh right, Halloween. Back to that. Once it gets dark enough, we turn off all the lights in the living room and watch a scary  movie. Almost every year it's Halloween, but last year I watched The Conjuring because it's amazing. And I'm pretty sure also because my friend Andrew hadn't seen it. (OH and PS Andrew if you're reading this are we not friends anymore? Why do we never hang out? Jon and Kristen this is also directed at you.)

It is not Halloween until I have a) made a child cry b) watched a terrifying movie c) binged on candy until I hate myself. This year, I plan on watching either Halloween or Friday the 13th just to really get back into the old school feel of things. I have a wedding to attend tomorrow, so I can't go out and 
As a warning to everyone I know IRL, I'm cruisin for some pranking tonight so watch out... muahaha. 

This wraps up the October Blogging Challenge! Thanks to all who stuck around with me all month ;).

Making Melissa


  1. Sounds so fun!! For you, probably not for the kids ;) have a blast!! Happy Halloween!

  2. Happy Halloween!!!! I hope you have a great time!!!!

  3. Bahaha... "made a child cry." I've ate so many pieces of Laffy Taffy in the past 24 hours I'll probably shit rainbows later. If it's pretty I'll snap it to you, b/c that's what friends do!

  4. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Wow, its superb dear. You know I am going to attend some NYC events in next month and two of them are Halloween themed. I am feeling excited for that because I have never been to any Halloween themed events before.