Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Party Ideas

And just like that the month is pretty much over. Where has the time gone? Seriously. This is getting ridiculous. Is this what it's like to get old? The years just fly by? I want out. I want to go back to being a kid where every day felt like it last forever. 

I should stop complaining. But really, I'm just going to miss October/Halloween so so so much. Like who even cares about Christmas at this point? (Okay JK please don't all come at me with you pitchforks and torches blogland.) I'm just sad. But we still have two days left so let's make the most of it shall we?

Since tomorrow is Halloween, and it actually lands on a weekend for once, I'm going to show you some pretty sweet party ideas I have. I'm not throwing a party. I just have a lot of ideas. Mostly from Pinterest. So just bask in the glory that is all things Halloween party-related while I sob over in the corner.

Basically all of my favourite ideas involve scaring the living daylights out of your guests. Mostly I would hide body parts around my house, make snacks that look unedible and very lifelike, and make things pop out at every turn.

My yard would be decorated so horrifyingly that they would want to turn around and go back. We're talking coffins, zombies, creepy children, graveyards, and more spiderweb than you could even fathom.

Anyone want to come over this year? ;)

Making Melissa


  1. You would throw a seriously awesome party!

  2. The fireplace with the skeleton in it is awesome!!! I'm with Kathy on the dolls though... KILL THEM WITH FIRE!

  3. Halloween Parties are getting very popular these days and I love to attend such unique parties. I feel such horror themes are just for adults because kids could get scared. Please share some kid’s summer party ideas for me!!