Saturday, October 4, 2014

Go-To Fall Outfit

Since it's the weekend why not show you my all-time favorite fall weekend outfit? It's heavy on the comfort. I'm recently obsessed with chambray. Love the look and feel of these shirts. Also, I love jeggings because they are pants that aren't real pants. BEST. Throw in some super comfy and cheap moccasins from Ardene's and a couple accessories, boom, done. Cute, comfy and cheap!

Also, gotta have the PSL cause you're not a basic white girl without one. 
This outfit says I'm ready for anything Saturday"! Pumpkin patch, walk by the river, pumpkin carving or brunch with friends. 

What's your favorite fall weekend style?
Making Melissa


  1. you teach me all about white girl things....i didn't know until now that PSLs = basic white girl and you also taught me about WGW! hahahaha!

    today is cold as fuck over here -- 4 degrees! now i must bust out my chambray shirt, leggings and boots because that's what i wear when it's cold.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. This is definitely my go-to fall outfit as well! I usually opt for boots instead of moccasins, but I love these!

  3. LOVE this outfit! Now I must recreate it!