Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Workouts & Home Remedies

Today I'm getting my ish together and catching up with my own blogging challenge. I can't believe I got behind on my own idea. What is my life coming to these days? No seriously. What is it coming to? Last night I sat and watched Reggie playing with the cardboard from a paper towel roll for 15 straight minutes. And then laughed at him. And then lost my mind when he started drinking water cause I thought it was so cute. I need some serious help...

ANYWAY. MOVING ON. Day 14 was all about Fall workouts. I got a couple you could try. They've really helped me tone up lately.

I mean it's so easy, you just replace your medicine ball with a pumpkin and BABAM! Instant fall workout. You're so welcome world. I know this is the kind of innovative thinking that you were looking for. 

But in all seriousness take a run outside or something, it's only going to be this nice for like maybe another week. Get some fresh air. It'll do your body good. 


Day 15 was all about home remedies. It's cold, allergy and flu season right now. I'm not a huge fan of stuffing my body full of pills and crap unless absolutely necessary. I have a tried and true method that helps me get over my colds pretty fast. 

Step 1: Guzzle a carton of orange juice. That vitamin C is mega important. 

Step 2: Whine for about 12 hours about the fact that you can't breath through your nose and your throat is scratchy and how tired you are. Get it all out. 

Step 3: Make some peppermint tea and stick your nose over it and let it work it's unclogging magic. 

Step 4: Boil water, mix in a teaspoon of cinnamon, a bunch of honey, lemon juice and salt. (This sounds super gross, and trust me, it's not exactly heaven in your mouth but I swear it works). Drink that concotion. Choke it down if you have to. 

Step 5: Sleep for as long as humanly possible. 

I don't know why that drink mix works, but the salt and honey soothe my throat, and the lemon and cinnamon soothe my stomach. It works. I swear to Zeus. 

What are your favorite home remedies?

Making Melissa


  1. YES to peppermint tea, it has superpowers, I swear. And the drink recipe reminded me, I also take a Hot Toddy when I have cold/flu symptoms! Sounds gross but works like nothing else

  2. bahahhahahaha The pumpkins <3 You're wonderful.

  3. The pumpkin workout cracks me up. So festive!

    The strangest things work to make you feel better, so I am sure that drink is legit! I always overdose myself with Emergen C and echinecea. Boost the immune system, yo!

  4. LOLing so hard over these pumpkins. AMAZING.