Monday, October 20, 2014

Failure to Comply...Again

Is this even possible? Two weekends in a row that I have failed at my own blogging challenge. I think I might be setting the record for the world's WORST blogger. But in my defense, this was my state of being all weekend. (And by state of being I obviously mean wasted. Since it was my Jenn's bachelorette this weekend.)

See? You would have been distracted too. Since it was the BEST NIGHT EVER OF MY WHOLE LIFE THUS FAR. Kind of.  I mean I suppose I've had some pretty equally amazing nights. but I'm going off topic.

The topic at hand is my failure to write two measly (fun fact I just spelled this measley as in Weasley because Harry Potter be on my brain) posts for the weekend.

So of course now you get them smushed into one. Yet again. I wish I were sorry. I'm not that sorry.

Day 18: Creepiest thing that ever happened to you?

I was working by myself in my office, and the basement is terrifying (see, Welcome to the Creepshow), and the door SLAMMED SHUT by itself. And the lights started flickering. And I heard banging downstairs. So I was positive I was about to get murdered.

The other equally terrifying thing was when I was house sitting and was beyond convinced I was gonna get murdered by a serial killer when the doorbell went off by itself and there was no one there so I slept with a knife beside my bed all night and barricaded myself in the bedroom until morning. I wrote about that here.

Day 19: Do you believe in ghosts?

This is about to get heavy because I  need to bring up some controversial opinions. I do not believe in God, Satan, demons, angels, any of it. Or an afterlife. Or anything of the sort. I'm a straight up atheist and I've talked about that before. I'm not afraid to write about that in this christian filled blogging community. It's just not something I scream from the rooftops since there's really no reason to.

With that being said, it's really hard for me to believe in ghosts when I don't believe in anything after our time here on earth. Yet I still get the chills every time I'm in a basement, in a creepy house, or outside at night in the dark. I'm sure it's all psychological, and it's probably more of a serial killer fear from all the criminal minds I watch, but it's still hard not to believe. I almost want to, I want to believe in ghosts because of the mystery surrounding it. I watch ghost hunting shows and can't fathom any of it being real. I want to use a Ouija board even though I know nothing will happen.

I can't explain it but I want to believe so bad but just can't. And I don't even know why I want to believe. None of it makes sense.

Come back tomorrow and I'll double up again to catch up.

But for now, I want you to weigh in on both topics! I love hearing from you :). 

Making Melissa


  1. I want to bachelorette with you - that looks like a blast. Know anyone getting married in the near future?

  2. you grab a tight hold on that shaft!

  3. ^^ Jessi *cough* Brooke *cough*

    also, your story for day 18...STAHP. you're creeping me outs!

  4. Looks like you had fun at the bachelorette party!

    As far as ghosts go, I don't necessarily believe in them....well...not fully. But at the same time, when I was at college there was this empty field across the street from my apartment building. One night I was standing outside on my deck and I saw a girl in a white long sleeved night gown walking in the field. She wasn't transparent, but not fully there either. She walked around in the field for a minute or two and then just disappeared. It freaked me the efffffff out! I was like, I need to get some sleep I am seeing shit! A few weeks later, my friend and I were out there sitting and my friend said....ummmm you see a girl walking across the street in that field or am I crazy? I was like YOU SEE HER TOO?!??!?!?!?! I hadn't mentioned it to anyone because I thought I was crazy. So, there's that. No denying what we saw.

  5. I freakin love bachelorette parties!!

    &&& uh yeah that is creepy as hell!! That is terrifying!

  6. i'm sort of in between; i don't believe that god made man - science did that. if you've seen cells multiply under a microscope, it's pretty hard to argue that cellular division/multiplication is the basis for all life. however, i do think that there may be some kind of higher power; not a god but something else...just not sure what and i'm perfectly content with that.

    and that bachy party sounds like a ton of fun!!!!