Friday, October 24, 2014

Everyone is afraid of something. (Unless your name is Jay and you are literally fearless and I will never understand it.) Clowns, snakes, spiders, death, small spaces; something for everyone. Here are mine:


This is one phobia that is no joke. I cannot tell you when it started or why it's as bad as it is, but it cripples me. I can't walk under trees if I c an hear a bird in it. Something about their rustling feathers gets me. I freak out. It's so bad that while I was in Europe, I burst into tears when I was surrounded by pigeons. Try explaining that one to your friends and teachers. Embarrassing as hell.

Then there was the fact that my aunt used to have a bird and my sister and cousins thought it was HILARIOUS to release it whenever I was around. I spent 15 minutes at a family party one time locked in the bathroom because this bird was on the loose. Another time, it landed on my shoulder and I froze up so badly that my whole body cramped. It was super painful and I was crying so that was embarrassing, too. Thanks a lot family, ya bunch of jerks.

The Dark

I'm terrified of the dark. If I could, I'd buy a night light but then everyone would make fun of me. Half the time I sleep with my blinds open so the street lights shine into my room. Jay thinks I'm nuts whenever I'm at his house because I refuse to go into his basement until he turns the light on. I also need to come upstairs first so he can turn the light off behind me.

If I could, I would live in a house without a basement. Why do you think I love my apartment so much? No basement, no dark corners, everything is perfect.

I don't know what it is about the dark. I assume I'm afraid a serial rapist/murderer is gong to be lurking there because I watch too much Criminal Minds and that's automatically where my mind goes. I think I need help. And on that lovely note I think we're done for today.

What are your fears?

Making Melissa


  1. for the love that clown popped up on my feed and FREAKED ME OUT hahahhaha
    so job well done!
    oh birds - they can be pesky little creatures

  2. 1. I got bit by a rooster as a little kid (like 3 years old) and have had a fear of winged things since. It was REALLY bad in college where there were geese ALL OVER CAMPUS but over the last few years I've somehow become more capable of dealing with birds in the vicinity... I still shudder at any and all sounds they make though, including feather rufflings. UGH.
    2. I have a weird thing with clowns. Like, they don't ALWAYS scare me and I never used to be bothered by them at all, but some of them really do bug me out. Like the one in this post a little bit! I watched IT without issue as a kid but I'm pretty sure it would make me sick if I tried to watch it again now!

  3. I hate birds too. It doesn't cripple me, but I definitely saw the movie The Birds way too young. Now, I keep a healthy distance from anything with wings.

  4. I hate birds!!! They are so nasty!!! And creepy! And just ew, No!

    And I am not a huge fan of the dark either. Or clowns. Or spiders. Or snakes. Or creepy panel vans. Or scary movies. Basically I am just a big scardy cat!

  5. I"m not afraid of the dark outside, but, indoors it freaks me out!

  6. I am so with you on being afraid of birds and of the dark. I have been attacked by birds too many times. Ugh. Also, no basements for me. I refuse to have a house with a basement. I just can't do it! Too many scary movies with bad things that happen in the basement. Just no.