Friday, October 31, 2014


It's here. OMG IT'S HERE! My favourite day of the whole entire year. I'm gonna pee; I am SO EXCITED!

Today we're talking about Halloween rituals and I don't mean of the blood sacrifice variety. Every Halloween looks pretty much the same for me. Well, since I stopped trick r treating anyway. It usually starts off with a mood-setting playlist. Something like the one I've created for you here:

The rest of my work day is spent in restless excitement, waiting for the moment I can bust out of the office and head home. Once home, I add the finishing touches to the decorations in the yard (which by the way is subpar now that I don't live there anymore, eugh), and make sure my pumpkin is set up and ready to be lit. Then comes an agonizing hour of waiting for the kids to start coming by. But then when they do I either try to scare the living daylights out of them, or gush about how adorable they are in their costumes. 

My little friends from down the street usually come and show off their costumes and they are always super cute. Also, this year Brooklyn is going to be a Unicorn and I cannot wait to see it. Side note, she's almost two. What the actual eff? Where has time gone, my baby is growing up so fast....
Oh right, Halloween. Back to that. Once it gets dark enough, we turn off all the lights in the living room and watch a scary  movie. Almost every year it's Halloween, but last year I watched The Conjuring because it's amazing. And I'm pretty sure also because my friend Andrew hadn't seen it. (OH and PS Andrew if you're reading this are we not friends anymore? Why do we never hang out? Jon and Kristen this is also directed at you.)

It is not Halloween until I have a) made a child cry b) watched a terrifying movie c) binged on candy until I hate myself. This year, I plan on watching either Halloween or Friday the 13th just to really get back into the old school feel of things. I have a wedding to attend tomorrow, so I can't go out and 
As a warning to everyone I know IRL, I'm cruisin for some pranking tonight so watch out... muahaha. 

This wraps up the October Blogging Challenge! Thanks to all who stuck around with me all month ;).

Making Melissa

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Party Ideas

And just like that the month is pretty much over. Where has the time gone? Seriously. This is getting ridiculous. Is this what it's like to get old? The years just fly by? I want out. I want to go back to being a kid where every day felt like it last forever. 

I should stop complaining. But really, I'm just going to miss October/Halloween so so so much. Like who even cares about Christmas at this point? (Okay JK please don't all come at me with you pitchforks and torches blogland.) I'm just sad. But we still have two days left so let's make the most of it shall we?

Since tomorrow is Halloween, and it actually lands on a weekend for once, I'm going to show you some pretty sweet party ideas I have. I'm not throwing a party. I just have a lot of ideas. Mostly from Pinterest. So just bask in the glory that is all things Halloween party-related while I sob over in the corner.

Basically all of my favourite ideas involve scaring the living daylights out of your guests. Mostly I would hide body parts around my house, make snacks that look unedible and very lifelike, and make things pop out at every turn.

My yard would be decorated so horrifyingly that they would want to turn around and go back. We're talking coffins, zombies, creepy children, graveyards, and more spiderweb than you could even fathom.

Anyone want to come over this year? ;)

Making Melissa

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Decor & Candy

We're getting so much closer to Halloween and I'm hardly able to contain my excitement!!! Pumpkin carving tomorrow, more Hocus Pocus watching, and then handing out candy on Friday! What am I going to do when it's all over? Can I get away with celebrating all things dark and macabre for another month? No? Oh well. I tried. Let's get right to it, shall we?

Day 28: Show Off Your Decorations

I think I already showed you the black skull candle I purchased. It's seriously my favorite and I refuse to burn it because it's just too awesome. I'll upload my apartment decor tonight so check back! But right now, this is my desk. It's been like this since October 1st. I get lots of compliments on it minus my drawing on my chalkboard because I SUCK at drawing but please don't just me on that. Okay bye.

Day 29: Favourite Halloween Candy

I'm just gonna go on record right now and say I hate candy corn. HATE. I find it disgusting, and yes, that includes those little sugar pumpkin candies too. Phew. Okay now that I've got that off my chest...

Anything chocolate related. Chocolate covered pumpkin seeds. Mini chocolate bars. Those little balls of chocolate covered in pumpkin aluminum or whatever. THE BEST. Halloween themed anything really. The amount of Halloween Oreo's I've purchased this month is borderline ridiculous. All you need to do to make me purchase your product is slap a ghost on it and I'm sold. How horrible is that? I really need to work on my self control...

But my most favourite of all time is Rockets. Or I guess in the U.S. you call them Smarties I hear? I don't know. All I know is I could eat them all day every day. It's like crack to me. SO GOOD!

Still looking for pumpkin carving ideas folks, so bring em on!

Making Melissa

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Costumes & Carving

Insert mandatory "I suck at my own blogging challenge" introduction to today's post. Let's just move on to the meat and potatoes shall we?

Day 25: Halloween Costume Ideas

I mostly like simple ideas. I'm lazy, we know this. So for the most part all you're gonna require is what you might already own or a mask. Except for the clown but come on, that would be such a legit costume!

Rob Ford

because that's not terrfying at all...

Angela from her B&B rant

Twisty the Clown

BoJack Horseman

add a pullover sweater and jeans and voila, you're done. 

Day 26: Most Embarrassing Halloween Moment

None. Because I rock Halloween. Seriously I've never been embarrassed even when I've looked ridiculous. And I have looked super ridiculous. As was evidenced here. It's mostly a problem for other people, as my family and friends can attest to. I have no shame, which means I tend to embarrass them pretty hard. Especially my sister because it's just so damn easy.

Day 27: Pumpkin Carving Post

I haven't carved pumpkins yet because I'm waiting until Thursday. So because of this I've decided to hold a contest of sorts. Send me your ideas before Thursday night and I will carve (or at least attempt to) the best one! Let's be serious here, I'm not at all great at this so expect something ugly. Just saying. My go-to pumpkin theme of the past 3 years has been to throw a hockey mask on a pumpkin, stick a knife in the top with some fake blood and call it Jason Voorhees. Seriously... I rest my case below.

Now bring it on. Let me see those carving ideas! Also, any Halloween costume ideas you want to share? I'd love to hear those too.

Making Melissa

Friday, October 24, 2014

Everyone is afraid of something. (Unless your name is Jay and you are literally fearless and I will never understand it.) Clowns, snakes, spiders, death, small spaces; something for everyone. Here are mine:


This is one phobia that is no joke. I cannot tell you when it started or why it's as bad as it is, but it cripples me. I can't walk under trees if I c an hear a bird in it. Something about their rustling feathers gets me. I freak out. It's so bad that while I was in Europe, I burst into tears when I was surrounded by pigeons. Try explaining that one to your friends and teachers. Embarrassing as hell.

Then there was the fact that my aunt used to have a bird and my sister and cousins thought it was HILARIOUS to release it whenever I was around. I spent 15 minutes at a family party one time locked in the bathroom because this bird was on the loose. Another time, it landed on my shoulder and I froze up so badly that my whole body cramped. It was super painful and I was crying so that was embarrassing, too. Thanks a lot family, ya bunch of jerks.

The Dark

I'm terrified of the dark. If I could, I'd buy a night light but then everyone would make fun of me. Half the time I sleep with my blinds open so the street lights shine into my room. Jay thinks I'm nuts whenever I'm at his house because I refuse to go into his basement until he turns the light on. I also need to come upstairs first so he can turn the light off behind me.

If I could, I would live in a house without a basement. Why do you think I love my apartment so much? No basement, no dark corners, everything is perfect.

I don't know what it is about the dark. I assume I'm afraid a serial rapist/murderer is gong to be lurking there because I watch too much Criminal Minds and that's automatically where my mind goes. I think I need help. And on that lovely note I think we're done for today.

What are your fears?

Making Melissa

Thursday, October 23, 2014

I Wish I Were Better At This

I WILL NOT GIVE UP! I am clearly a major failure and because of that I keep forgetting to write posts. For once I'm actually busy in life and I am so not used to this. So to continue the trend of smushing things together here's a catch up of the last few days' topics!

Day 20: Best Prank

this is my thinking face...

So now that I need to write about it I realize I've never actually pulled a good prank I've only ever been pranked. And now I feel like a failure. It is my new goal in life to make someone pee their pants in fear from a prank. Much like I pretty much did when my lovely neighbor hid in my yard, on a tricycle, wearing a leprechaun costume, and scared the bejeebus out of me when I got home after school one day. I was 17... it was not my proudest moment.

I think I need to prank him back...

Day 21: Must-Watch Halloween Cartoons

It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

Silly Symphony: The Skeleton Dance

Day 22: Scariest Place You've Been

My friends and I were idiots when we were younger and would explore "haunted" places. One time we went to an abandoned barn/house in the country and I nearly peed myself. I'm sure it was set up this way on purpose but there was a noose hanging from a rafter and a pair of shoes right below them. The story was that a man had hung himself in the farmhouse. So after nearly falling through the rickety old staircase, trying to run back up it was no easy feat. But then we were like yeah hey let's explore the barn too. And there was a tatty old dress just chillin on some hay and there was this chilling feeling so we booked it out of there. This was also located beside a cemetery so ya know, there's that. I was 15 with an overactive imagination, but you couldn't pay me to go back there. 

Day 23: Favorite Fall Scents

PUMPKIN EVERYTHING. No but seriously, I love love looooove the caramel pumpkin latte candle I currently have. And the pumpkin cookie air freshener in my car. But then there's also something about the smell of a bonfire on a cool autumn night. Crackling wood and the smoke rising with your best friends all around you. There's a distinct smell. It's a mix of the smoke, wood, dewy grass, marshmallows fallen leaves and the crisp, cool air all around. It's my favorite smell.
Now my pretties, share! I want to hear your answers for these 4 topics! 

Making Melissa

Monday, October 20, 2014

Failure to Comply...Again

Is this even possible? Two weekends in a row that I have failed at my own blogging challenge. I think I might be setting the record for the world's WORST blogger. But in my defense, this was my state of being all weekend. (And by state of being I obviously mean wasted. Since it was my Jenn's bachelorette this weekend.)

See? You would have been distracted too. Since it was the BEST NIGHT EVER OF MY WHOLE LIFE THUS FAR. Kind of.  I mean I suppose I've had some pretty equally amazing nights. but I'm going off topic.

The topic at hand is my failure to write two measly (fun fact I just spelled this measley as in Weasley because Harry Potter be on my brain) posts for the weekend.

So of course now you get them smushed into one. Yet again. I wish I were sorry. I'm not that sorry.

Day 18: Creepiest thing that ever happened to you?

I was working by myself in my office, and the basement is terrifying (see, Welcome to the Creepshow), and the door SLAMMED SHUT by itself. And the lights started flickering. And I heard banging downstairs. So I was positive I was about to get murdered.

The other equally terrifying thing was when I was house sitting and was beyond convinced I was gonna get murdered by a serial killer when the doorbell went off by itself and there was no one there so I slept with a knife beside my bed all night and barricaded myself in the bedroom until morning. I wrote about that here.

Day 19: Do you believe in ghosts?

This is about to get heavy because I  need to bring up some controversial opinions. I do not believe in God, Satan, demons, angels, any of it. Or an afterlife. Or anything of the sort. I'm a straight up atheist and I've talked about that before. I'm not afraid to write about that in this christian filled blogging community. It's just not something I scream from the rooftops since there's really no reason to.

With that being said, it's really hard for me to believe in ghosts when I don't believe in anything after our time here on earth. Yet I still get the chills every time I'm in a basement, in a creepy house, or outside at night in the dark. I'm sure it's all psychological, and it's probably more of a serial killer fear from all the criminal minds I watch, but it's still hard not to believe. I almost want to, I want to believe in ghosts because of the mystery surrounding it. I watch ghost hunting shows and can't fathom any of it being real. I want to use a Ouija board even though I know nothing will happen.

I can't explain it but I want to believe so bad but just can't. And I don't even know why I want to believe. None of it makes sense.

Come back tomorrow and I'll double up again to catch up.

But for now, I want you to weigh in on both topics! I love hearing from you :). 

Making Melissa

Friday, October 17, 2014

Favorite Scary Movies

I wrote a post last year about my 5 fave Halloween flicks. It was really hard to choose just 5. I actually left out so many so this year, I'm going to let you a little deeper into my twisted mind and show you how I feel about the horror genre.

To say it's my favorite would be an understatement. I am always looking for the next best flick. I want to be scared. I want to not be able to sleep. I want to be damaged by a movie. I have never found one that does that for me. Sure, there's some really creepy stuff out there, but nothing that truly terrifies me. Anna and I watch about 1 or 2 horror movies a week and yet I still haven't found that one bone-chilling masterpiece. There are so many that are so well done. Great plots, great character development, truly twisted. Unfortunately, I just don't scare that easily.

These are my current faves. It'll be hard to knock them out of their places.

Ones I will never get sick of:

The Cabin in the Woods
Evil Dead (orignial and new)
Halloween (original and Rob Zombie's take)
The Conjuring
The Strangers
The Orphanage
Carrie (2013)
Trick R Treat
The Ring

Yearly classics:

Not all of these are horror but they are movies that I watch every October. Some of them my sister and I watch every year together without fail.

Hocus Pocus
Jeepers Creepers
Scream series
Friday The 13th
Nightmare on Elm Street
Child's Play
Psycho (original)
Thirteen Ghosts

Ones I wanted to love but something ruined it:

You're Next
The Purge
Ginger Snaps
Grave Encounters
The Possession
The Last Exorcism 1 & 2

Nothing is worse than a really shitty ending. I'm sorry but these movies built up so well, the suspense, the tension, and then.... what? Nothing. Or even worse, something ridiculous. I'm especially looking at you Mama. And I'm a HUGE Guillermo Del Toro fan.

Now it's your turn. Tell me what your favorite scary movies are!

Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites!

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Well Read Woman Is A Dangerous Creature

If you were to ask someone "Hey what does Melissa do in her spare time?" their first answer would probably be like "hang out with her hedgehog" or maybe "watch too much Netflix" but their second answer would definitely be "oh she reads a lot, she's kind of a nerd."

YES I AM. Huge nerd. And I read like it's going out of style. (But seriously don't go out of style because I needs you book worlds.)

That's why I wanted to dedicate today to some October book suggestions. If you want to see more of what I'm reading you can befriend me on Goodreads, but for now, here are my six suggestions!

Where'd You Go Bernadette

This was one that I picked up at the Target BOGO sale on books about a month ago. I had heard it was good and since I got it free I figured I'd give it a shot. Well, 1.5 days after buying it I had finished it and was raving about it to anyone who would listen. It's written a little differently, told through e-mails and memos and notes. I liked it. I liked it a lot. 

Gone Girl

I read this one last year when a friend of mine suggested it. Long before I knew I'd be watching Ben Affleck and his man parts on the silverscreen. I could not put this book down. I can't accurately describe my feelings while reading it without giving the plot away, but let's just say it was the first book that made me scream "WTF" out loud whilst reading. SUCH. GOOD. WRITING!


I threw this in here since in less than a month I will be plopping my butt into a seat at the theatre and watching J-Law run around with a braid for another 2 hours. I read The Hunger Games series in my first year of University and fell in love. I plan on re-reading this so I'm all caught up before the movie comes out. 

Stephen King 
Cujo, Pet Sematary, The Shining, Salem's Lot

I could talk about Stephen King for days. I could dedicate an entire month to writing about him and how much his writing inspires me. His style of character development and the descriptive nature of his novels make you feel like you're the one in the story. The amount of chills this man sends down my spine is out of this world. He is 100% a master of his genre, and what better way to ring in Halloween than with some of his classics. 

Let The Right One In 

If you watched the movie with Chloe Grace Moretz, erase that from your mind before reading this. I mean don't get me wrong, I love her in almost everything she does, but the English version of this movie was pure garbage. If you're gonna watch one, watch the original Swedish with subtitles. OR you could just read the gd book since it's better than either movie. I have a thing for Swedish writers, as proven by my obsession with the Dragon Tattoo series. This book was phenomenal and set a super creepy atmosphere. It's vampires done right. None of that Twilight crap. 

Archie Sheridan/Gretchen Lowell Series

This is a new discovery of mine. I happened to pick up Kill You Twice for less than $5 at Chapters one day and was hooked. Of course I realized it was a series and proceeded to go buy every book. I've only read the last two so far, but I'm currently reading Heart Sick, the first one, and it's just as delightful. Chelsea Cain can get pretty graphic and I like. I like it a lot. I also didn't know when picking up the book that the series is set in Portland, Oregon. Shout out Brooke & Jessi for a crime thriller set in your hometown. 


There you have it. My top six for the month of October. Have you read any of these books? What are you reading right now?

Making Melissa