Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Long Weekend That Wasn't

Back to the grind this week after a lovely long weekend. Except that I did nothing this weekend. I didn't go away, I didn't take a mini road trip, I didn't go out. I mean there was pretty much one main reason for this.


The story is this:

I found a puppy at work on Friday, abandoned, cold, hungry, and dirty. I reported her missing and nobody has come froward. In fact the only information received was that multiple people saw her with a couple the night before who were trying to get rid of her. And then she was found wandering alone the next morning.


Since I like animals more than people, I took her home. Anna wouldn't let me keep her because, small apartment and (soon to be) big dog. Poop. So I kept her until Saturday when I found her a home. And then I cried. Because yes, I was attached that fast. She was pretty much the perfect dog. Quiet, docile, cuddly, friendly, easily trained, almost no accidents. AND THAT FACE.

Doesn't matter. I couldn't keep her. So a friend of mine took her and is giving her a wonderful, loving home, complete with big backyard to run around in. So at least I know she's safe and happy and loved. And I still get to see her from time to time.

Because of Luna though, I didn't do much else. Aside from kicking Jay's ass at minigolf. And getting mildly drunk off of peppermint schnapps shots with Anna while going on Chatroulette. Pretty much sums up the whole weekend.

Oh and there was a Kardashians marathon so... that too. Essentially my couch got lots of lovin'.

And now, I must go get ready. And start packing. Because tomorrow morning I leave for Ottawa. I've never been to Ottawa so this is like a big deal. I'M COMING FOR YOU TRACEY.

But no really, I have a conference for work in Ottawa so I will be away from Wednesday to Saturday and I'm pretty excited since this is my first work trip. I'm all grown up. Everyone shed a tear. Thanks.

See ya next week and hopefully I'll have lots of pretty pictures of Canada's capital to share with everyone.

As for all of you, I hope you had an amazing long weekend! Did you do anything exciting?


  1. Awe, what a sweet puppy! So nice of you to take her in and find her a home. I hate that you couldn't keep her :( I get instantly attached to animals too, I cant help it!

    Have fun on your trip!

  2. Why would anyone try to get rid of her when she looks like that?!?!

  3. Jackson and i contemplated flying to canada to come get her!! That stinks that you couldn't keep her, but I'm glad she has a good home and tons of space to run! :)

  4. i don't know how people can abandon animals like that; like, legit drop them off and drive away :(

    glad you found a loving and safe home her!

    Vodka and Soda

  5. Safe travels to Ottawa! So legit - a work trip!!!

  6. How on earth can anyone abandon such a cutie like her?! I would looooove to adopt her too, haha. Glad to see she's in a loving home again :)

  7. she is perfection! i really want a dog, but the little apartment I have is keeping me for sure!! I am glad you found her a good home :)

  8. can i just has her? she's so presh.

  9. Have fun in Ottawa! I wish you could have kept miss Luna <3 BUT I do need more Reggie pics in my life again.

  10. Also wait, why didn't we chatroulette when you were here?! I have never done it. #creepilyintrigued

  11. WHAT! She's so adorable. Good thing your friend kept her so you can see her grow, though. I probably would have cried too hahaha