Friday, September 19, 2014


TFIF. No that's not a typo. It stands for "Thank F**k It's Friday". That's how this week has gone kids. "But Melissa, you say that at the end of every week? Why don't you do something to change this pattern and make your weeks better!" If only it were that easy. Since the main reason for my cranky-ness and worst weeks on record is something I can't change overnight. LE SIGH. But trust me, I'm working on it...

Another reason I might be so cranky today is probably because of this:

Jay done messed up. And even though he said he "fell asleep" partway through I know he's lying and now I don't even want to watch it at all. I FEEL SO BETRAYED. 

To get my mind off of how rude that was, and because it's Friday, let's just lay out some of my favorite things this week. 

1) It was my friend Kristen's birthday this week and our friend Caitlin made her the world's best cake!

2) My baby cousin (who isn't a baby at all anymore) is down in Tennessee on a soccer scholarship and she scored her first career goal yesterday. I've never been more proud! I love my family so so so much <3. 

3) I finished reading "Where'd You Go Bernadette" in about 1.5 days and it was amazing. You need to read it. Seriously! SO GOOD!

4) Halloween is a month and a half away but I started celebrating about 2 weeks ago. That's right. September 1. I have so many movies to get through and I've started collecting decorations for my apartment! This week I found the sickest candle at Target and it's my new favorite piece of decor. Makes me feel like a badass. 
5) I have a new favorite playlist which doesn't bode well for my office. Because all I want to do is scream-sing at the top of my lungs. I figured I'd share the world's best playlist. YOU'RE WELCOME!

Also, just for the record, I sat here giggling for like 2 minutes because I can't see Kenny Loggins' name and not picture this:

God how  I love Archer. If you've never seen it youuuuuuu need to get on that. But that's all I have to say today. Linking up with Amanda of course! 


  1. oh lord i would be pissed if brad did that to me

  2. oh girl i am all about some halloween (already been ordering new decorations and my costume haha)

  3. Archer. Yes. All the time. Also, I once started to take myself to the movies. We'll say this happened 2 months ago (...because it did). On the way, my boo thang calls and tells me that HE was planning to take me to that movie and we should go TOGETHER, so I literally turned around in the movie theater parking lot and cried on my way home. What the eff?? There was no winning that one. As an aside, I then had to threaten his life to actually get him to take me to see the movie. ...boys. grrrrr.

  4. Joe does that to me all the fucking time!!

    p.s. i need that candle! GIMME

  5. I hate when people do things without me! Rude!!!

    Have a great weekend!

    Dont STOP BELIIIIIEEEVVVVVIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I love all the decorations at Target! They only had some of the costumes up at ours though... I can't wait for them all to be up - they always have cute animal ones. What's Reggie being?!

  7. Replies
    1. You go Bernadette is THE BEST BOOK EVER IT IS SO GD and I am so flas that you read it!!

  8. I need to read that book and listen to that playlist!!

  9. That is the worst!! I get so mad if one of my friends or if John goes and sees a movie that we were going to go see together beforehand. Ugh.