Thursday, September 18, 2014

So I was about to start writing when the grossest/weirdest thing just happened to me and I need to share. I was sitting at my desk and then all of a sudden I started coughing, and everything I had just drank came out my nose! Like.. what!? How does that even happen. So now my nose has PSL and water all up in it and no matter how many times I blow it's all I can smell and it's gross. The running theory is that my liquids went down the wrong pipe and I didn't notice and they just rushed back up. Like I said, GROSS.

**Update I just went to go try and get rid of the smell in my nose by rubbing some lemon on/in it and discovered I have a cut under my nose because OH MY GOD THE BURNING.

Moving on from the grossness that is my nostrils, I was reprimanded for not sharing a video from my Instagram on here. So below is what happens when you take two really bored roommates, their pet hedgehog, and probably just too much sugar. (Nope, wasn't drunk. Does that make this worse?) No wonder Reg hates us...

Another thing if you go to my Instagram that I hope you take the time to notice is how KICKBUTT my ombré is looking lately. Why is that you ask? Oh you know just a little help from my friends over at Garnier. (And maybe a filter or two on Insta.) But back to Garnier Fructis. I've always been a pretty big fan of the scents and it has never damaged my hair, but instead repaired it. But this might be the first time I've trusted them with my color. It brought back dat blond flow. No really though, I seriously recommend it if you can't afford to pay buckets o bills for the expensive color treated shampoos. Also, my hair is soft. 

And while I will most likely go back to my all natural shampoo/conditioner when I'm done because I'm on that organic, all natural kick, I would still use this if I was in need. So moral of the story: give it a try!

Ignore how awkward this picture of me is and marvel at my ombré. Thanks Garnier!

Oh and on another note, ROLL TIDE!

*I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.*


  1. bahahahaahahahahahahaah why! why is there no video of this. WHYYYYYY! also watch this. right around the 2 min mark i died. 'circle of life'

  2. BAHAHAHA, seriously why was there no video?! and your hairs do look fab and reg must hate you, cos if i were him, i'd hate you too, just sayin...

  3. Your hair looks great! I'm still trying to get over that you have a hedgehog as a pet :)

  4. Lovessssss your hair. I want to write some fancy quotation here as my comment but no, I have nothing. You literate s.o.b.

  5. Your hair looks totally fab. And yes!!! ROLLLLL TIDE!!!!!!!! I knew I liked you ;)

  6. Oh man, liquid coming out of your nose is not fun.. but that lemon bit had me laughing! Sorry about your luck ;D Ha ha, oh Reggie. If only he knew the significance of it, maybe he would appreciate it more. Love your hair!!

  7. the hair looks great! I totally want a red baseball cap now...

  8. Laughing so so hard over the whole nose fiasco.
    Also, you hair looks amazing!