Monday, September 29, 2014

October Blogging Challenge

Starting Wednesday, follow along with me for my October Blogging Challenge! Since I'm obsessed with Halloween/Fall that's what all the prompts are about. Get with it. I'm so excited to have a reason to blog every day! I focused the first half of the month on fall and the second half on more Halloween specific topics.

Grab the button and I'll see you on October 1!

  1. Favorite fall recipes
  2. Favorite fall quotes
  3. Fall TV shows
  4. Go-to fall outfit
  5. Share a fall playlist
  6. Fall beauty favorites
  7. Rainy day ritual 
  8. Favorite Starbucks seasonal drink
  9. What does autumn look like in your city?
  10. Family Thanksgiving traditions (cause in Canada it's in October)
  11. Pumpkin recipes
  12. Favorite October memory
  13. Fall date ideas
  14. Fall workouts
  15. Home remedies (nasty cold season is upon us)
  16. Books to read for fall
  17. Favorite scary movies
  18. Creepiest thing to ever happen to you
  19. Do you believe in ghosts?
  20. Best prank you've pulled
  21. Must watch Halloween cartoons
  22. Scariest place you've been
  23. Favorite fall scents
  24. Biggest fear
  25. Hallow costume ideas
  26. Most embarrassing Halloween moment
  27. Pumpkin carving post
  28. Show off your Halloween decor
  29. Favorite candy
  30. Halloween party ideas
  31. Halloween rituals

Making Melissa


  1. Girl, I am all over this. I already marked in my calendar the ones I want to make sure I do. Which was a lot. Yay October!

  2. This prompts are great! This time of the year is great for all things fall ♥

  3. Oh gosh, I want to try this. It looks like so much fun and like you, I love fall!

  4. Oh my! All of the fall things! How exciting!

  5. what a fun idea...I didn't do the blog-tember challenge, so i may do some of this...blessings from BC

  6. How fun! Also, this graphic is good girl!

  7. Fuck yeah! I'll definitely be doing some of these!!!! Awesome idea!

  8. So awesome, love the graphic :)

  9. oh maybe this will actually make me blog!