Monday, September 15, 2014

Another Weekend Update

The sign of a good weekend is no pictures to show for it because it means I was out enjoying it. However, that also makes me an incredibly awful blogger. Shame on me. I had a really fun weekend full of me actually leaving the apartment so high five to that.

But the main thing I came here this morning to tell you all is that Reggie has finally lost enough weight that he can clean himself! I'm actually this person now. The person who sits on the floor and watches her Hedgehog run around doing hedgie things and then screams with DELIGHT when he bends over his back to lick his quills. Because before he was so fat that he could barely turn his head. And now he's all sorts of flexible. And I think we all need to congratulate him on it.

He's also becoming a little less of a dick. Which leads me to believe he was cranky because he was obese. I mean it must be pretty uncomfortable to be so fat you have personal hygiene problems.

I will soon have some pictures to share of Reggie's back bending feats because Anna's mom came over last night with her camera and took a bajillion pictures of Reggie. Anna's mom loves Reggie more than life itself I think. She actually croons at him. It's hilarious but adorable but also makes me think she no longer comes over to see us and only comes over for Reg. But hey, he's cute so I can't complain.

And just like that my entire post has become about my Hedgehog. So sorry.

In other weekend news, I went out on Friday night and danced and it was great but it was also really tiring. As in I made Caitlin go home at 12, like we were Cinderella or something. But I was tired, and I felt really old, and I was under dressed. I missed the crop top and stilettos memo. Apparently black tights and a cute tank top are a sign you've gotten old. Also, requesting "Yeah" by Usher is also a sign that you're old. Also also, Cailtin tweeted this and then that definitely made us old. We've started complaining about youths.

Saturday was a day spent with Jay. Doing hoodrat things. Like going to Value Village and finding the most ridiculous mug to bring home to Anna. And making pumpkin brownies. (Well I made them, he kind of just stood in my way in the kitchen). And singing along at the top of our lungs to Big Shiny Tunes 6 on our way out to the country to a BBQ to celebrate Jenn & Kyle's upcoming nuptials. Oh, I also tricked him and told him it was a BBQ but it was actually a Jack & Jill shower. SURPRISE! #worstgfever

Lastly, I'm a horrible friend because I completely forgot to congratulate Brooke Snook on her engagement!!! I mean obviously I did it, just not on the blog, and if I don't do it on the blog I think that makes me a really bad friend? Or something?

Anyway, you've chosen well. Mostly based on this:

You do you Bradley. You do you.

I should probably go now. But I want to hear about your weekends! Tell meeeee.

k bye :)


  1. bahahahaha i really picked a winner. did i ever tell you about the time Brad was blaring the Wicked soundtrack in his car and his car battery died, so he had to have a tow truck come jump it and when the guy got it started again Wicked was BLASTING in the speakers and Brad was totally embarrassed.

  2. Reggie better stahp being a dick...yeah I just threw in an Andi stahp for you..cos I can. bahahhaa the fact that you posted Brad's spotify shit on here makes me day!!! and Brooke's comment, BAHAHAHA.

    p.s. did you watch bach in paradise last week?! I forgot to ask you!

  3. Ahhhh cant wait to see some pictures of Reggie!!!! Yay for Reggie!!!

  4. Good for Reggie on his weight loss! Being able to groom yourself is very important you know. Ha ha :) He sounds freaking adorable!

  5. Aww Reggie <3

    Also, I want some pumpkin brownies plz.

  6. Reggie's life changed when he got beneath the folds. Well done, man. Brad really is that weird, it's amazing.

  7. Bahahahahah... poor Reggie! :( :)
    Dude. Youths are the fucking WORST!

  8. I went out Friday night and I too felt old. I may not have gone home at midnight but I did have to sit and think a moment to remember the last time I had been out so late. I'm a home body who doesn't stay up late any more thanks to early wake up calls.

  9. apparently having a hedgehog is a new thing?? lol that's all i see on Facebook is friends having them now.