Monday, August 25, 2014

All I Need

Scenario: You're in an airplane over the south pacific and your plane starts to go down. Let's just picture the LOST plane crash. Okay, well I can't cause I've never actually seen LOST but I can imagine what that was like. Okay so anyway, you survive and you wash up on shore. Cool, I'm alive. You look around and notice 5 things have washed up with you (and they're all in perfect working order, regardless of the fact they could be electronic, because this is made up so shut up). WHAT ARE THOSE FIVE THINGS!?

I'll tell you mine....

1. An endless supply of tacos (are you even a little bit surprised?)

2. Enough PSL to last me 10 years. Because duh.

3. The Harry Potter Series cause I might actually just give up and let a shark eat me if I wasn't able to reread them every 2 months. 

4. My laptop with unlimited internet access so I can still use Spotify, Pinterest, and Netflix. Mostly Netflix. (Also my laptop is purple how sick is that? It's my fave.)

5. Wine. Because a life without wine is a life not worth living. Obviously. 

Okay, so if you've learned anything it's that I'm an alcoholic basic white bitch. JK. But really. Girl needs tacos in her life. Oh my god but I never even considered the possibility that for the tacos I will need an endless supply of Taco Bell hot sauce as well. OMG I DIDN'T THINK THIS THROUGH! Back to the drawing board...

In the meantime, I wanna hear from you. What are your desert island survival kits? Wine, beer, netflix, cellphones...? Possibilities are endless! I can't wait to hear your essentials. 


I was approached by Man Crates to come up with my own "must haves". I highly suggest you check out their website if you have a man to buy for in your life. Their selection is awesome, especially if he's picky!


  1. mmmmm tacos. man i love tacos. also i love the internet, so.... if i had a choice it would be the laptop with unlimited internet (and a power source lol)

  2. All of these would be on my list, except trade beer for wine and I am gold!

  3. Harry Potter, wine, and tacos. You're a girl after my own heart! <3

  4. I will say that I would have my laptop with endless internet, wine, Pumpkin Spice lattes, Salt & Vinegar chips. I love your list!

  5. We would do well on an island together....except we'd probably end up fighting over the tacos.

  6. I would totally need endless internet, diet coke and booze! I could totally eat tacos everyday!

  7. Forget Taco Tuesdays, It's Tacos Errrrryday. Seriously though, why are none of us sponsored by TB?

  8. oh man - wine, cheese, internet, derek jeter (does that count?) and my kindle with unlimited books!

  9. oh my gosh!!! LOVE. I totally wanna steal, but legit..i would put HP and wine on mine too..sooo basically I am copying 2/5 of your list! lol

    Love this post!
    and duh, nomz on tacos.