Monday, July 7, 2014

What They Ask For


Take Me To The Pilot just released a new single. A NEW SONG! Which probably means more new songs coming, and a tour probably, and a very happy and proud Melissa. 

Big, fat, stinkin high five Jon. 

In other news, I had a very relaxing weekend. I finally got my Tacos on Friday after Jay was off work and it was splendid. I read Joyland by Stephen King and HIGHLY recommend it. 

ANDREA CAME HOME FROM EUROPE! And the betch brought me Italian Parmesan cheese and Italian sausage so she goes in the books as the bestest best friend ever. She also finally met Reggie and safe to say he a little bit loves his Auntie Andrea. 

Reggie finally came out of his shell a little more and is warming up faster every time we take him out to bond so yay for that!

"Maaaahm! Maaaahm! I can't roll over!"

I hosted an Arbonne party last night and it was amazing. There was so much I didn't realize I was putting on my skin that is harmful. Expect a full post about my favorite products once they come in because I went a little nuts and bought a butt ton of stuff. An entire skin care regimen and some sweet salt scrubs, calming lotions and makeup. 

That's it for me. Please make sure you listen to TMTTP's new single and if you like it go listen to the rest of their stuff on YouTube or Soundcloud!

What did you get up to this weekend?


  1. i'm allll about all natural skin products; since i made the switch, my skin has never been better (or looked better). i use eminence organics and Pure + Simple (they're canadian) :)

  2. First off, Reggie is so damn cute. Secondly,I am really interested in learning more about Arbonne so I am looking forward to this post.

  3. Hey Melissa!! Omg Reggie is too darn cute!! Love him!! And so glad you had an awesome 4th of July weekend!! Talk soon my dear!! ;D XO


  4. can you please bring Reggie on the plane with you?!

  5. Reggie is adorable. i loved the snaps of him.
    I had an Arbonne party about a month ago... I learned a lot! Can't wait to see what products you bought!

  6. So happy to meet you this week. I didn't know hedge hogs were pets!

  7. I am obsessed with Reggie. That's also my boyfriends dog name and I like him more than my boyfriend most of the time so you picked a great name!

  8. Why is Reggie so fucking cute? His little hands are what kills me the most... they're so pink and teeny!!!! I WANNA SQUEEZE!!!!

  9. Ok Reggie is freaking adorable! His little legs and feet!!

  10. Ok Reggie is freaking adorable! His little legs and feet!!

  11. Oh my gosh Reggie is too cute! I've always wanted one :)
    I used to sell Arbonne! I LOVE their products!