Monday, July 28, 2014

Things I Learned This Weekend

1. 1000 piece puzzles are a lot harder than I remember. Van Gogh also makes for a great picture. 

2. Used book stores are a gift. I also learned I'm 85 because I love tea, puzzles and used books. DON'T CURR. Best Saturday of my entire life. 

3. Kites need a lot of wind to fly. We did not get it up.

4. Dumpster chairs are apparently the best chairs? (I'm still not convinced.) But they are pretty fun to push people around on.

Other things I learned in no particular order:
  • dinner at your parents means lots of leftovers to take home
  • Betta Fish don't last forever. RIP Chuck Bass :(
  • moving out of your home means that the little girl down the street gets extra excited to see you when you come back and that means even bigger bear hugs than ever
  • Cujo is one effed up dog
  • Investigation Discovery is having a free preview on Shaw Cable and that means no other channels allowed, unless it's Sunday and the Kardashians is on
  • free trips to the Zoo are the best kind
and with that I'm off to the Zoo with work to check out the new Polar Bear Exhibit! I've never been so excited for a Monday in all my life. 


So yeah, I get to go on a "Journey to Churchill" while y'all are stuck at your desks. BYE.


  1. i love getting lost in any bookstore; new or used. we had an amazing used bookstore at our old office and i'd spend my lunches there smelling that "book smell" (you know what i'm talking about) and being so happy.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I must be 85 too because that sounds perfect, and I am seriously jealous of the polar bear exhibit!

  3. I've been dying without books and all of those look so good. Especially ol LC's. Might have to go snooping through a bookstore around here to find some by her! Let me know which one is your favorite.


  4. LOVEEEE all the books.

    ps tea & puzzles, can we make it a date??
    and how cool is that polar bear exhibit?!

  5. Now im wondering if there's a used book store down here... I also want to check out the library. Free > paid!

  6. ^^ Yes to Brooke's comment ^^ :D
    Bookstores are the best! I could spend all afternoon in the bookstore sipping tea and browsing books. I really want to go to the zoo now..

  7. OMG let me know how Lauren Conrad's books are!!

  8. I love book stores! I always get inspired when I walk around one. Especially when Starbucks is involved.

    I have to know how those LC books are. I haven't tried any but have always wanted to. I pretty much love everything else she touches.

  9. I love used book stores! They make me so giddy when I can find books cheap..value village also tend to have a great selection.

  10. I'd replace the tea with coffee, but otherwise sounds like a pretty perfect weekend!

  11. Used book sales are the way to go! I read through books pretty fast and the majority of them aren't ones I'd repeat read so I hate spending the money on them... give me a used book sale at the library and I'm like a bull in a china shop!

  12. Tea, puzzles, and used books make a lovely life!

  13. I WANNA GO SEE THE POLAR BEARS!!! Lol @ #3.... "We did not get it up" :: knock knock ::