Friday, June 27, 2014

The Fault In Our Stars Killed Me

It appears that my emotional state as of late has not been the most stable. The main reason that I know this is because I went to see the Fault In Our Stars with Anna last night and completely lost my ish. I'm not talking one or two glistening tears. I'm talking full on mental breakdown. It was as if I personally knew the characters and was deeply affected by what transpired. Anna could do nothing but laugh at me as I basically inhaled my own snot and cried huge fat fricken tears for almost 20 minutes straight. My face was so swollen after that she couldn't believe I could even see. That's how tiny my eye slits were. It looks like I was having an intense allergic reaction. 

And because she's the best friend/roommate ever, she convinced me to take a picture so I could send it to Andrea who is currently still in Europe. And because I took that picture, I decided to share it. 

Also, this was a solid 15 minutes after I finished wailing like a banshee so the swelling has gone down some. Please note the swelling under my eyes, beside my nose and my cheeks. I cried ALL of my eye makeup off. All of it. I had to take eye drops to get rid of the red in my eyes so the entire mall didn't think I was high out of my face. 

The moral of the story here, is that my emotions are running rampant and I have a feeling I know why but I never thought it would manifest itself in quite this way. Someone please get me a drink. Stat. 

It should also be noted that I READ THE BOOK. I knew what was going to happen. I've known it for months. I SHOULD NOT HAVE REACTED LIKE THIS!

I'm just gonna leave you all with this song, which is from The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack but isn't sad. So there's that at least. Silver lining. Have a great weekend!


  1. I am going to see it FINALLY tomorrow! My friend posted a pic of herself after seeing it and she legit looked like a zombie. Her eyes were the reddest ever. If I end up like this, I will snap a pic too :)

  2. this. this is why i don't want to go watch it in public. might wait for redbox

  3. Maybe it's a good thing I don't have someone to go see this movie with. I think I might just wait for Redbox so I can watch it in the comfort of my own home and ugly cry if needed.

  4. I haven't read the book yet, I want to but I have been putting it off because I know I will cry. I also know better than to go see a movie like that in theaters because I will totally loose it. Which it's like hello it is just a movie...but whatever..I am emotional! Haha!

  5. THIS is exactly why I haven't seen it yet and don't know that I ever will! I know it's an amazing story and I've heard wonderful things but sometimes I just don't want to watch things I know are going to be sad like that!

  6. I'm unintentionally avoiding going to that movie. I've been a basket-case lately anyway, I don't need more emotional distress haha it's to much for me.

  7. nope, not even interested in seeing a movie about 2 young kids who are GOING TO DIE. don't care if i spoiled it for anyone either! but LOL at sharing the picture of you post ugly-cry. my face swells up like a balloon when i cry like that, too.

    Vodka and Soda

  8. No flippin way I'm seeing this in public!