Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Paws In Motion & Other Life Things

Oh hello there! I've been gone for what seems like ages. I didn't completely hate it, but I also really missed this little space of mine. Thank you all for being so kind and messaging me and asking me to get off my butt and start blogging again. That was nice. At least I know I'm missed online. Unlike in real life where my best friend jets off to Europe for a month with her boyfriend, leaving me behind. NO BIG DEAL OR ANYTHING. NOT JEALOUS AT ALL. 

Oh wow sorry Andrea. I don't mean most of that. I am genuinely happy that you're on this once in a lifetime experience, but I mean... it would be nice if you could have included me in this plan since I thought I was like important to you. And you know how you left me alone that one time for 3 months to go to Australia and you came back and I was crazy? I'm just saying, don't be surprised if you come back and I've gone Britney à la 2007 in your absence. 

I'm being dramatic. I just really miss you. And just like that I've made your whole trip about me...

I'M THE WORST. Maybe I should have just stayed off this blog a little longer cause I clearly need to reevaluate my mental state. Woof.

Oh what's that? Is that a dog I hear? Indeed. I think it's 4 actually. World, meet my friends' beautiful pups. We did the Paws In Motion walk on Sunday to raise money for the Winnipeg Humane Society and made the best shirts in the history of the world. Our team name was "Muttbloods". We had the four HP houses but we renamed them. Ravenpaw, Sniffendor, Slobberin, and Huffleruff. And the dogs all had matching bandannas. Aren't we the best? And then, as luck would have it, one of us fell into the road just like Harry, and the Knight Bus showed up! 

Okay. That's really all. I need to go and build a bookcase now since Jay really did a number on the first one and I don't trust him to build the second one. Boys apparently can't all build things. I mean, I really do appreciate the effort. It's just maybe not his best skill. 

Oh but before I go, I want you all to meet Sir Reginald, Reggie, Reg. The light of my life. That is when he's not huffing, and puffing, and popping, and quilling. He really is kind of an asshole but at least he's cute. Anyway, I got him while I was on hiatus. He's a fat little bugger. He needs to go on a diet. But we're working on it. 


  1. Hey. Hi. Hello. I missed you. And you get 100 points towards the house cup for being creative and shit with your dog thingy.

  2. is reg a hedgehog? doesn't he spear you with his quills on the regular?

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Your hedgehog is so cute! I had one named Bruce Quillis..I bought him off Kijiji but gave him back after a week. He was so cute but was so angry all the time hahah.
    Your dog shirts are so freaking awesome also. And I'm glad you are back.

  4. Like, how do you pet him? Or is that not a thing with hedgehogs? I have no clue about them. But he's adorable as hell! I'd like to squish him. In the good way.

  5. Welcome back Melissa!! And those doggies are too cute! And congrats on your adorable new pet too!! :)


  6. YAY :)

    and omg HP dogs....where do i get one! SO cute :)

    and that little new nuggggget! presh presh presh!

  7. i need to meet reggie the heggie!!!!!!

  8. OMG!!!!! Reggie is so damn cute! Where did you even get him? What do they eat? AHHHHHHH I need one!

    I got so excited when I saw your hedgehog that I forgot all about the awesomeness of the four houses and your team name! YES!!!!!

  9. Those are some cute doggies! Love your shirts and their bandannas!

  10. well now wasnt this a post full of cuteness. Sweet shirts too.

  11. PUPPIES!!! ... REGGIE! Wish you could bring Reginald to Portland but I'll just have to come visit him (and you!)