Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Let's Get Weird!

Let's play a game shall we? It's called "what weird shit brought people to my blog". Featuring my stats. Now I love checking my search terms. LOVE IT. Because the weirdest shit brings people to my blog. I have no idea how, but it does. Like that one time "Awkward Taco Gif" brought someone here. Now, I have talked about my love for tacos, and about how awkward I am, and I use a lot of gifs. So I assume that's why. But who really knows. So sit back and revel in all the weird glory that is "Melissa's Stats".
"Marky Mark" - I decided to start slightly normal. You see, in the history of my blog, this search term has brought a butt load of people here. All because I wrote an ode to the sexpot that is Mark Wahlberg in the 90s

"I'm not normal" - okay this one hurts guys. 

"Boyfriend, that's a funny way to say Netflix" - Well this is self explanatory. My love for Netflix will never be trumped. But I assume it had something to do with my hits or misses post. 

"Hi I'm socially awkward" - ME TOO DUDE. So whoever you are, although I'm unsure why you'd introduce yourself to Google like that, you're my people

Any variation of "Porn", "Melissa Naked", "Taboo naked porn" - I'm really sorry bro, since I  know you totally only logged onto the internet to satisfy a very particular need.  All because I informed the world that girls watch porn too...

"Hope you don't disappoint me" - Okay now I'm really unsure why anyone would ask Google this. Google never disappoints. And to be honest, I have no idea what my blog has to do with this in the slightest. 

"Game template for therapy lying" - Well lying is maybe the last thing I would suggest in therapy. I go to therapy. Lying just defeats the whole purpose. I really hope you DIDN'T find what you were looking for. 

"I realized I was an Adult when..." - If you're trying to figure out if you're an adult, chances are you are not. Since you're asking the internet. So I apologize for that. But how did you end up here? Because of this.

"Chloe Grace Moretz with an Idiot Face" - YOU TAKE THAT BACK. 

Thanks for playing along. I hope you're just as mystified as I am as to how my blog shows up for these search terms. The internet is a weird place.

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. hahaha it's fun they came to your blog trying to figure out if they are an adult... like your blog has adult things on it.....

  2. I always love reading what draws people to a blog. I find it odd that someone googled if they were an adult or not? And I laughed when you said someone googled Melissa naked. Surprise, no nakedness.

  3. hahaha you have quite a reputation it seems.. =X

  4. Hahahaha this is too funny!!! How do you get that info?

  5. Hey Melissa! I love that!! How do I find out my key words/sentences? I always wondered! hahaa... Maybe I don't want to know lol! Loved this!! XOXO


  6. these are so great!
    can i just say that sometimes when i look at my referral links i think "but how, wait what? HOW?" i have so many links from porn WTHECK?!?!

  7. Bahahahah... I love posts like these. Seriously... wtf is wrong w/ people?!

  8. "Boyfriend, that's a funny way to say Netflix" hahaha i can't even