Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sponsor Spotlight: From A To Z

I just have one quick thing to share with everyone today before I introduce you to the lovely Ashley. You see, my cousins and I are super close. They're some of my best friends. There's 8 of us and we range from 24 to 15. We have a group message on Facebook right now because my cousin Jamie is collecting pictures for a photo book for my Grandma's birthday and yesterday she told us she's making a hobbies page. you know, pictures of us grand-kids doing what we love. She had 6 of us down, and says to Caitlin and I, "I don't know what you guys do for hobbies". 

That awkward moment when you're the loser with no hobby. Taylor has soccer. Tanner has Karate and Cadets and my sister has baking. So Caitlin and I laughed and then realized, WTF our family doesn't know our interests! Because Caitlin and I are the nerds of the family. Our interests involve reading and school. But it's not like there are pictures of me in class. But then Jamie remembered that Caitlin has a boyfriend that she can just include on that page. So Caitlin's relationship is apparently her hobby. I still had nothing. 

So I asked if Netflix was a hobby, which it should be. And they laughed. Then I said, literally, just put a picture of me surrounded by food since that's my life. Or me surrounded by 10 dogs because forever alone. They all laughed and said those weren't hobbies. So you know what I did? I made them this picture. HERE I AM GUYS! THIS IS ME AND MY LIFE. 

And then Jamie actually put it in the photo book. 



Last month I had the pleasure of having a sidebar party with Ashley! She blogs over at From A to Z and I love her to pieces. I wanted to do a little Q&A with her so you could all love her too!

Why did you start blogging?

I had a friend who started a blog and I thought it was cool so I wanted one, but now it has become more. I love writing and I love reading other blogs. I write for other people to inspire and uplift them.

What's your favorite part about blogging?

Meeting other bloggers (especially in real life!) I love being able to be myself when I write but to also give tips and guest post for others too!

Most embarrassing story?

One time my dad was picking me up from school and this car was just sitting in front of me and I thought it was my dad so I motioned for him to come further (because I was lazy) and so the car slowly started moving close to me and when I opened the door and got in, I realized it wasn't my father. IT was so embarrassing and the people getting in that car were right behind me and saw the whole thing!

What is the one piece of advice that has always stuck with you?

My mom would always say, "Go. Do. Be." It gave me this feeling of freedom. That I could go where I wanted, be who I wanted and do what I wanted in life. It became very meaningful to me.

Paper or E-books?

Both!! I have a nook that I use for books that have like a series of 7 books (HP!!) but then I also love the smell of new books and flipping through pages and being able to close the book when I'm done. So I'm all for both!

Favorite posts you've written.


  1. Hey Melissa!! Oh my god I love that photo you made of yourself, lolol! I swear mine would look the same only with a cat instead lol! But seriously, they count!! I love the guest post too! :)


  2. That picture is the best thing ever.

  3. Oh leo!!! What else do you need in your life?!

  4. That picture is awesome and is full of my favorite things! That dog even looks like one of my dogs!!!

  5. BAHAHAHAHA... if I had a fireplace w/ a mantle that picture would be framed atop it! :)

  6. That picture is brilliant. That is pretty much what mine would consist of too. I've always felt awkward whenever anyone asked me what my hobbies are, or what I do in my spare time because, in all honesty, the answer was always 'nothing'.

  7. Your Grandma is going to love that picture!