Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Long Weekends Are My Jam

Good morning lovelies! What a happy Monday Tuesday it is today. Not.  

Is it just me or is it extra hard to get into the swing of things after a long weekend? I had such a relaxing, fun weekend with my friends and family and then BOOM. It's time to work again. And this rainy gloom isn't helping make the transition any easier. But enough whining since that's about all I did last week!

It's about that time for...

* I'm more competitive than I thought. I cheated at Mini-Golf. Who does that?

* Treasure moments with your family. I had a horrible dream that unspeakable things happened to my parents. I was so distraught I rushed over to spend time with them.

* Catching up with old friends is a simple little joy in life. 

* Friday nights spent eating Taco Bell, watching Mean Girls, and trolling guys on Tinder is the best way to spend time with your girls. 

* Breakfast Baskets are my new favorite housewarming gift. 

* If you're good, and you hope hard enough, your aunt will gift you her secret cookie/muffin recipes and all will be right in your world. 

* There's noting wrong with a little tanning. In moderation. 

* Most importantly I learned that sometimes you need to take a little risk in life and not over think things and let people in. It's okay to be scared but don't let it hold you back from something that makes you happy. I'm pretty happy. 


  1. I want to be invited to the next Friday night girls night. OR ELSE!

  2. Hey Melissa!! I agree with all of these lol! Esp. the catching up with old friends part! I have a HS reunion coming up that we all helped create and I cant wait to see them all! It really is a little joy in life!! XOXO


  3. "It's okay to be scared but don't let it hold you back from something that makes you happy." <-- 100% true. if things don't work out, then it's an experience to remember.

    Vodka and Soda

  4. Are they a french secret family recipe by Nestle Tollhouse?!

  5. That girls night sounds pretty freaking awesome!

  6. GAH, i haven;t had a girls night in forever...I miss it!

    ALSO, i need to tan stat, casper called & he wants his complexion back!

  7. I miss trolling Tinder. Not enough to do it again.

  8. Mean girls is always a good idea! And I always forget how competitive I can be, until my hubby and I whip out the board games, or play darts! It can bring out the worst in me! ha!

  9. I was so jealous of your Taco Bell dinner it wasn't even funny.
    Also, long weekends mess me up. I still don't know what day it is.

  10. I have to know, what exactly consists of a breakfast basket? That sounds like my kind of basket! haha

  11. That Friday night you described sounds perfect! And that last thing you learned...so true!! Need to remember that the next time I'm over thinking things and scared.

  12. I have dreams like that about my husband, and then I snuggle and won't let go all night! Those kinds of dreams are NOT fun.

  13. yes. I am as pale as lord voldemort. meme-neville, is acutally speaking to me. is it sad or a tremendous win that my ipad both knows and autocorrects 'voldemort'?