Tuesday, May 27, 2014

imPress Manicure and An Eventful Weekend

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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Phew, got that out of the way. My brain is off today because work is busy busy busy! I don't hate it though. Anyway, I wanted to give a quick update on my weekend. It involved a comedy club on Friday, my last shift at The Children's Place on Saturday, and a grocery scramble on Sunday. If that isn't maybe one of the most adult weekends ever, I don't know what else is. Oh, Anna and I also had a Harry Potter marathon and watched up to number 4. Because obviously. 

But first, my weekend started off with a little home manicure courtesy of Broadway Nails. Thanks to Influenster, I was sent these kick butt press on nails and I jumped at the chance to try them out. I LOVE experimenting with my nails. 

These went on so easy and stayed well into the next day. Unfortunately, I cannot handle having fake nails, especially typing with them, so I got frustrated and ripped them off the next day. And guess what? They came off super easy as well! No pain, no ripping of my nails. It was fantastic. 

I would definitely recommend them to anyone who can actually handle having fake nails. I'm just a big baby and can't. Ignore my sausage fingers, but here they are below!

After my manicure extravaganza, my weekend jumped into full force. Comedy club Friday and meeting the friends. Saturday I worked my very last shift in retail (I know I said that before but I actually mean it this time). Saturday night I went and watched my beautiful and talented best friend, Andrea, at her dance recital and she killed it! Then Sunday, ohhhhh Sunday... The highlight of my weekend!

Kristen, Anna, Stephanie, Jon and myself drove to a grocery scramble. I didn't even know these were a thing. THEY ARE SO GREAT. Like seriously, look at our haul! Not pictured is the giant jug of laundry detergent we also snagged. 

That was all free courtesy of everything we could grab and carry as a group. Shout out to Jon for being a good sport and allowing us to chuck cans at his face while we ran like chickens with our heads cut off to get the goods. Also, he took this picture. 

What a wonderful weekend. SO WONDERFUL. I'm maybe a little crazy today from being overtired. Wanna know why? Because of the flippin Goose that was outside my window ALL DAMN NIGHT and honked non stop. I thought shutting my window would suffice, but NOPE. Bitch apparently has a supersonic honk. I will run it over one day I swear to Zeus...

How was your weekend folks?


  1. HAHA yeeeeah shoutout to me on your blog! Yay Grocery Scramble :)

  2. the snausages taste like snausages.

  3. wait a second....you get to walk away with whatever you can carry in your arms? WHERE DO I SIGN UP?!

  4. I have never in my life heard of a grocery scramble and now I feel like I've been missing out on something amazing.. What the hell.

  5. sounds like you'll be having goose for dinner soon.

  6. I love playing with fake nails. I change mine about every week or so. They fall off and I just glue them back on bc I"m too cheap to go get acrylics. So fun that you got those free!

  7. I wanna go to a grocery scramble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I used to love having fake nails... now, I can't stand them. They look pretty on other people but the feel of them on myself gives me the heebie jeebies! I'm obsessed with trimming them!

  8. I've never heard of a grocery scramble! Sounds like a blast!!


  9. Will you snap video me the sounds from this goose??? please?

  10. What is a grocery scramble?! I also love that you referred to the goose as "honking"