Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Apartment Adventures

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw the pictures of my move into my new apartment. If you don't, then what are you waiting for? GEEZE.

Just joshing ya. But anyway, if you follow me, you're gonna see the same pictures here today because I haven't completely unpacked yet and of course I don't want to show the internet my new digs until it looks perfect. It's slowly and surely coming together. And by that I mean I spent upwards of $60 at Home Sense last night. I almost bought a silver elephant for no reason other than I was in Home Sense and it was pretty. I need help people. SERIOUS HELP. 

I digress. The point of today is to share with you things I've learned from moving into my first big girl apartment. Anna and I call them "Apartment Adventures" but it's probably more we're just really naive and innocent and don't know things we should. 

Lesson #1: Light bulbs are not included with lamps

Okay some people might be sitting there saying "DUH", but to Anna and I, we honestly believed when we bought our new lamp, it would automatically come with a light bulb. Boy were we wrong... Turns out that's common knowledge. 

Lesson #2: Beer & Pizza is magic

Did you know if you offer someone beer & pizza they will do anything you ask? It has magical properties that makes people say "yes" to any task. "Hey can you help me move my 80,000 boxes of random shit I don't need on your Saturday off? I have beer and pizza!"

Lesson #3: Make friends with boys BEFORE you move

There's nothing like packing up all your stuff into boxes and then realizing you have no male friends. I never really noticed before that all my male friends were actually just boyfriends/husbands of my female friends. And if the girls are busy, the boys are busy too. So thanks to my Dad and my big brother (from another mother) Eric and my sister's best friend Daniel for doing ALL the heavy lifting. I hope you enjoyed your beer and pizza.

Lesson #4: Ikea is your best friend

Seriously ladies, if you're moving for the first time, buy your shit at Ikea. Sure, it's generic and you have to put it together yourself, but it's SO CHEAP. Anna and I furnished most of our living room thanks to Ikea. Plus it led to some serious bonding between all our friends having to put it all together so there's that. 

Lesson #5: Unpack the kitchen first

One of the best things we did was unpacking the kitchen first. Once we got all of that crap into cupboards and out of the way, the rest of the move was pretty smooth sailing. Turns out most of your stuff is kitchen related. Plus, once that's done, you can make coffee and food to help the rest of the day run smoothly. 

Lesson #6: Watch The Hills 

Remember how Lauren and Heidi moved into their new apartment on the first episode ever? yeah, that's your life now. Anna and I re-watched seasons 1-3 before we got internet installed in the apartment and we could finally relate to their lives on a whole new level. It was amazing. Plus, The Hills makes for a great drinking game to pass the time. Have you ever noticed just how much they say "like"? 

Lesson #7: Boxes. Boxes everywhere...

You will not unpack immediately. You will leave half your boxes unpacked for weeks, and the rest of them will stay piled at the door because you SAY you're going to take them to the recycling but then you get lazy. Literally just shit everywhere...

There's more I didn't mention. Things like how the walls between our rooms are paper thin, that decor can be a bitch to get just right, that you never realize how much crap you actually have until it's time to put it in boxes, that you will find clothes and shoes you forgot you even owned, and much more. 

But now it's picture time!

This is our Kitchen. It's beautiful. 

Our living room and balcony are also beautiful. I'm in love with our floors. 

My poor tiny bed. I desperately need a bigger one.

First thing you need to do in your new apartment is take a shot.

I HAVE A BIG CLOSET. You have no idea how happy this makes me.

White girl status achieved with our Zebra curtain.

The living room is coming together thanks to Ikea!

What lessons did you learn when you moved out for the first time? Any tips for post-move?


  1. I can't wait to see the finished look!

  2. Your apartment is really coming together!! I love all your Ikea purchases!

    I had one guy friend that helped me move about 5 times...then he started getting "busy." So just remember, you can only ask someone so many times before they learn their lesson LOL!

    I miss The Hills!!!!!!!!!!! That show was the best!!!!

    Love the zebra print....obvi.

  3. Did those media towers come from IKEA??!!? We desperately need those!! I have a bookcase, but it's so small compared to our TV. :(

    It looks amazing!! I love those floors! and Holy Kitchen Space!!

  4. Is that Lauren and Jason on tv?? I not-so-secretly love The Hills - it's so addicting!

  5. Tips:
    1. Budget/Budget/Budget
    2. Establish roommate rules for who buys things like TP, PT, etc
    3. Get to know your neighbors- you never know when you might be a little 'too' loud and would rather a friendly text vs a complaint to landords
    4. COUPONS for everything
    5. Apartment size deep freezers are useful

  6. love love love what y'all are doing!!
    ^and the anonymous tips are fabulous!!

  7. OMG I miss the Hills...they would always be partying at Les Deux....being all wild. Great show.

    Your apartment is too die for and I love your giant closet!

    100% right on unpacking the kitchen first! I did the same thing the last 2 times I've moved and it makes everything way smoother.

  8. All of a sudden all my guy friends had girlfriends and went missing. I had to move by myself, with my parents.

    I cant wait to see the place once youre completely done!

  9. Moving is so stressful but it's amazing to get the shit out of boxes and really appreciate your new adventure. SO excited for you!

  10. i love the new apartment!! and i fully agree: beer/pizza will make anyone do anything. i know it does for me. wings/beer is also a good alternative :)

    Vodka and Soda

  11. and most importantly always make sure you know where you packed the TP

  12. this is so cute I cannot wait to get an apt and decorate :-) IKEA IS THE TITS

  13. this is so awesome. i love your apartment, so pretty! ikea ftw. i have no male friends, thank goodness i have my husband and he has 1 friend to help us, haha! beer and pizza is magical, i agree. and i never watched the hills, but i think i need to start.

  14. Your apartment looks AMAZING! And there is just something about pizza that goes hand in hand with moving. My parents and I chowed down on pizza during my move as well. And I've experienced a whole conversation my upstairs neighbor had with his girlfriend over speaker phone in the BATHROOM thanks to the vent/fan in my bathroom. So awesome, right?!

  15. Such a cute/nice place!!! Dyyyyying that you thought bulbs came with lamps! bahahahah

  16. Beautiful apt Melissa!! Its coming together beautifully! And Ikea is the greatest thing on earth!! Love that place lol! :) XOXO


  17. Yeah congratulations!!!!!!! The space is beautiful!!! Ummmm I need a Hills marathon like right now! The last time I moved I asked a few boys on my kickball team to help me move "one couch" *wink wink* yup the whole apartment and pizza made it all better ;-)

  18. your new place is fabulous!! JEALOUS OF YOUR HARDWOOD FLOORS

  19. Oh my gosh, I love it so far! I have learned the hard way that lamps do not come with light bulbs and I keep on forgetting to purchase them everytime i go to the damn store. I've gone to Ikea twice since I "moved in" on May 1st. And the closest Ikea is two and a half hours away from me.

  20. Hahaha! We totally use the ol' beer and pizza trick!! And the kitchen stuff is ALWAYS the first out of the boxes...nobody likes to unpack when they are hangry.