Thursday, April 17, 2014

Long Weekend Here I Come & A Giveaway!

I'm am one exhausted girl this morning. I ended up ACTUALLY packing my clothes last night. If you're my snap friend (melissasuggitt1), you would have seen the disaster zone that was my room for the last week. Moving is hard and I officially hate it. I ended up with 4, count em, 4 boxes of just clothes. Who the hell has that many clothes? I hate myself sometimes...

Anyway, after a night of Boy Meets World and packing, I had to wake up early for coaching and then I work now and then I leave the office to go work retail all night. Suffice it to say I'm a Cranky Pants right now. Thank baby j tomorrow is Good Friday. Oh wait, I guess I should REALLY thank "Baby J" cause it's his story and all that means I get the day off. WHOOP. 

Anyway, I hope you all have a marvelous long weekend and what better way to kick it off than with a giveaway!? 

Bloggers go apeshiz for planners; I know, I'm a blogger and any paper product makes my lady bits tingle. So enter below and you could win a really pretty planner from me and some other real fantastic ladies. All brought to you by The Rachael Way

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+Must live in the US to enter 
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  1. Good luck with moving, I wish I was off for Good Friday!!!

  2. Are you at all mad that you must live in the US to enter and you're from Canada?

    Moving sucks ass. I will die in this apartment.

  4. Haha Katie's comment. <3

    Baby J, we have so much to thank you for.

  5. BABY J! Reppin the love this weekend

  6. GAH moving can be so stressful, but also so exciting!!
    Can't wait to see your new space!!

    and uhhh boy meets world, YES PLEASE!

  7. I just kept all my clothes on hangers and moved them that way. I would have run out of boxes.
    Thank baby J!!