Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Confession Time, Again

Today, I have a little help with my confessions. My main men from Workaholics are here. Mostly Adam cause he's my spirit animal. I also want to date him hard. Anyway, let's get going.

I confess...

...I wish I could just speak to people exclusively through GIFs. It would make life so much easier. There's a GIF for everything.

...I started talking to someone recently, and they began our text conversation yesterday with the following GIF before saying anything, and I think I'm in love now. 

...The way to my heart is through Workaholics quotes. Also, food.

...I'm late. But unless it's a divine conception (which isn't even a real thing either), I'm not pregnant. But I'm still freaking out. Being a girl is the worst. There is literally no way I could be yet I'm convinced I am. I've never wanted my period more in my life. 

...I had a really awful day yesterday, and then when I got to Brownies one hug changed everything. I love/hate those little monsters. Mostly love. 

...Every day I'm more and more concerned that I'm going to say this out loud to someone I see in my daily life. Except I do know why. 

...Someone has been liking all my statuses/pictures on Facebook even though we haven't spoken in weeks and he's not even in the country and he needs to gtfo or make up his mind. Right meow. 

...I get a four day weekend for Easter so yeah, shit's about to get good. 

With that, I'm out. Lunch meeting and such today. My favorite kind of meeting. All the noms. Don't forget to linkup your confessions with Kathy


  1. LOL this post made me laugh! the GIFS are awesome. Dont worry I get told im pregnant even when Im PMSING violently...people and periods suck!

  2. These are great. You're my favorite.

  3. OMG I've flipped out about the late period thing even when there was 100% certainty I could not be.. I was all, well who knows maybe some how from a toilet seat....

  4. I just took myself off hormonal birth control and I bled harder than ever. You do not want the bleeds.

    You're welcome for this comment.

  5. i WISH i could talk to people in gifs only or in rude printed tshirts.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  6. GTFO SF!!!!! <--- see what I did there?!

    Ps gimme all the workaholic gifs!

  7. love it. but what movie is the gifs from? j/w

    and yea gifs are the best.

    being a girl can suck at times and even when i'm on birth control i worry at times but then its odd that my mom can say shit and not know wtf she's talking about and be like are you pregnant. Oh yea I'm pregnant and haven't done anything in so and so months. Really mom? wtf?

  8. Ha, yes, GIFS amuse me.

    Enjoy your long weekend!

  9. Best usage of Workaholics gifs ever. Enjoy your 4 day weekend!

  10. so did you just start 'talking' with someone or tindering with said one?

  11. Yes, there is a GIF for everything!

    Who hasn't flipped out about being late at some point in their life?! It is scary!

  12. Hey Melissa! Honestly if I could speak to people via GIFS it would be the best thing ever! I am obsessed however, I really only get to use them in the link up! I seriously wish we could all just do that. It would be awesome! Great post too! xoxo ;)


  13. Bahahahahaahaaaaaaaa! I love that he sent you that gif. Keeper! ;P

  14. hahah it would make me swoon if I guy sent a gif to start a conversation too.

  15. ooo workaholics... hilarious. :)