Monday, March 3, 2014

Leo Didn't Win An Oscar

SNUBBED AGAIN! Ma pauvre petit Leo. I cannot believe he once again was denied an Oscar. The Academy is obviously stupid and run by idiots. I mean yeah whatever Matthew probably deserved it, blah blah blah. But I'm just so mad. LEO FOR PRESIDENT. 

Because I'm still so rattled about the Oscars last night, I figured today would be the perfect opportunity to update you on my life via list. I don't even feel like trying to write properly today. Poop on a stick. Anyway. Linking up with Rachael. Here you go. MAH LYFE:

- My dad, mom, uncle and cousin-in-law came over at 11 am on Saturday to try and get my car unstuck. Remember how I was a bad driver and ended up wedged pretty good? yeah it took them almost 1.5 hours to get my poor little Molly out of the snow. it was also -50C so like, wow dedication. Thanks again guys!

- I'm reading The Shining because I bought it on sale the other day and Stephen King is an actual literary genius. 

-I watched the Oscars last night and I swear one day it will be ME who works on an Oscar winning picture. #screenwriting 

- Leo didn't win an Oscar. 

- I live-tweeted the Oscars last night in case you're interested in seeing the progression of my anger.

- This might be the greatest picture of all time and I love Ellen so much. 

- I found out there is literally no escaping my family this weekend. I try and get out of Transcona and boom, someone knows a Suggitt. GREAT. 

- The Museum Sleepover with my Brownies was a great form of birth control. "Melissa, I can't sleep. Melissa will you stay up until we all fall asleep? Melissa I'm scared. I miss my dad he's in New York. Melissa I have to pee. Melissa I have to pee again. Melissa....." 

- The sleepover was actually super fun though. I got to see the Mummy exhibit which was really cool and I hadn't seen a planetarium show in years so that was awesome too.

Here's some pictures:

 I love my girls so much. They're adorable. But I definitely love giving them back and only being responsible for a human life for like 2 hours out of a week. And I'm sorry for the brain/photo dump but I seriously can't think or come up with anything right now. Oh yeah, if you're from Winnipeg, you should probably enter this contest I'm running. NBD or anything but yeah, GO PARTICIPATE!

How was your weekend? Did you watch the Oscars last night? Are you sad for Leo too, cause you should be. 


  1. i forgot the oscars were on last night and only realized it was on after i logged into twitter this morning. then i saw that selfie and fell in love with ellen even more. she's the best!!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. also: if you're a white dude going up against a movie/actor where the main premise was about slavery and human atrocities like that, then white dude will never win and any other movie is irrelevant. just sayin'.

  3. That Ellen selfie is amazing. Sometimes when I watch an awards show, I wonder if actors/actresses have met each other before. Mostly the newer actors...obviously the ones who have been around for awhile have probably been in a movie together before :P I'm sad for Leo too...I like MM but I haven't seen either movie so can't really comment on who was more deserving!! Brownie sleepover looks like fun!

  4. seriously though, other people's kids is the best form of birth control.

  5. I adore that your photography is laced with snaps. This makes me happy - and also I watched zero Oscars. Sorry, not sorry.

  6. It was -50C out?! Holy shit. And here I am complaining about -20C weather. My sincere apologies. (Although I'm still going to complain about it.)

    Sleeping in a museum with your Brownies and learning how annoying (albeit adorable) children can be for the win!

  7. I heard about the weather out there...unreal! Your brownies girls are so cute but look like a handful!

  8. I love the pic where it looks like they are floating in thin air. cool.

    Would love for you to come join and send your friends.

  9. Those brownies are adorable! But every time you talk about them I get hungry. #fatkidproblems and No, I didn't watch the Oscars. Apparently I have my own island because everyone else did and I was just straight max-n-relaxin'. Plus the TV in the living room currently is out of commission so I would have had to go on a cold porch to watch them. And I don't love anyone that much.

    Okay lies, I love Ellen. And her adorableness.
    Ps. I heard my girl J Law took a tumble. That's my girl.

  10. That's so cute! I would love to do that!
    And I am JUST as disappointed as you. Poor poor Leo.

  11. I'm jealous of your brownie sleepover! I loved doing stuff like that when I was in Girl Scouts.
    Thanks for linking up!!!

  12. Oh my gosh I would be WAYYY too freaked out to sleep over in a museum... especially with a mummy exhibit!!! Eeek!!! haha

  13. Oh, I had to work some sleepovers with the kids I taught in Korea...only they weren't that fun because we all had to write a play with our group, then the kids had to perform it in front of each other, and there was judging and whatnot. I just wanted to play games!!

  14. How cute is that? I never did anything like that when I was in the Brownies...we did an outing to TCBY and that was our highlight ;-)

  15. I love this line: "The Museum Sleepover with my Brownies was a great form of birth control." That's what work feels like some days for me! (I'm a 1st grade teacher.)

    On a different note, it's cool that you're involved with the Brownies. I loved being in Girl Scouts as a kid. :)

  16. Seriously, working with kids is the best birth control. They're wacko.

    Leo > Matthew.