Monday, March 31, 2014

JUNO Fest 2014

Happy Monday everyone! And yes, I just said happy, because I had one of the most kick ass weekends in a long time and I have the Juno's to thank for that. Good GOD music is fantastic and I'm reminded of it every time I actually leave my house and go to a show.

This weekend, I went and saw my boys Take Me To The Pilot perform at The Park Theatre as part of Juno Fest. All weekend, Manitoba's best and brightest musicians took to stages across the city to showcase epic amounts of talent. 

Kristen, Caitlin and I headed out on Saturday to see Jon and crew. They were so on point, maybe the best I've ever seen them, and they dropped a new song. HOLLA. They're releasing some new tunes this spring as singles so you bet your bottoms I'll be posting them on here for everybody to enjoy, because they're the bomb diggity. 

I digress. I don't think there is anything live music can't cure. I had so much fun watching them, and some following bands, rock everyone's socks off. Also, friends make my life go round. I love my friends. I love them so hard. I know everyone always says that but I am so proud of all my friends. They're all so talented. And shout out to Kristen for almost being done her first year of Dental Hygiene.

I went to the actual Juno Awards last night but I'll be posting all of that tomorrow because it's a lot. And I'm still waiting on pictures to be e-mailed to me. So see you tomorrow kiddies!


  1. Yay for an action packed weekend and a big Boooooooooo to Mondays!

  2. look at you being all bad ass with you 'rock on' sign ;)

  3. I wish I went to the West End CC Saturday night, lots of incredible musicians! Glad you had fun!

  4. What's the name of that lipstick up top?! I love it!!!!

  5. Live music does cure almost anything. It's freaking awesome.