Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Is it already Humpday Confessions? I feel like I was just writing this yesterday. It's crazy how fast some weeks go and how slow and horrible others are. 

I confess...

...I think the slow fade is the most cowardly tactic ever used. If you don't want to pursue things anymore, just fucking say it people. It will save a lot of time and confusion. And also show that you at least respect the other person. "Hey, sorry but I just don't see this going anywhere." or "Hi, I don't think this is going to work and we should probably not talk anymore". WAS THAT SO HARD TO TYPE?!

...I want to go to Portland REAL bad. And I'm trying to figure out how to make that happen with my lack of funds at the moment. Cross country/ies road trip anyone?

...I went 5 whole days without washing my hair last week and it felt amazing. My hair feels so healthy this week. 

...I have a massive regular crush on Max Schneider, the Jewish man of my dreams, and I want to have his cute little Jew fro babies and stare at his perfectly chiseled jaw all day every day. 

...I have a massive girl crush on Kasey Musgraves and have listened to Follow Your Arrow approximately 35 times in the past 24 hours. 

...It took me a long time to realize it but you will NEVER make everyone happy. Focus on you and what makes you happy and don't listen to what the haters say. 

Follow your arrow wherever it points. 

I'm just going to leave you with my future husband. Max, sing us out!


  1. Kasey Musgraves is coming to Kansas City in April for $12 and I think I might pee myself if I don't go.

  2. i have no idea who these people are so i had to google them. i'm so out of the loop.

    and i wash my hair maybe twice a week. it's so much better for your hair!

    thanks for linking up :)

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  3. Kasey Musgraves is awesome. I love that song and the message in it.

  4. Everything that Kathy said I totally agree with.

    Everyone I know who has done a road trip says that, at the end, you end up spending more by driving than you would have by flying. Unless you're cool with sleeping in your car and eating PB&Js the whole time. Which is probably something I would do.

  5. I am rocking the 5 days as well....the joys of dry shampoo! I'm thinking I can stretch it one more day ;-)

  6. I'll go 5 days without washing my hair sometimes. It helps. I just get creative on hairstyles.

    I also had to google who the guy was. Holy jawline!

  7. rocking day 3 of dirty hairz. also come to portland already.

  8. Hey Melissa your too funny! lol I love it hahah! And for the slow fade, I agree! Just cut the cord already so we can all go on with life! Hagw my dear! <3


  9. Kasey Musgraves is the best! And def agree that you've got to make yourself happy before worrying about anything else!

  10. Bahaha my thoughts exactly on the slow fade!!!

    Oh, you didn't like the way I kiss? Awesome, you're too skinny for me and have a weird taste in musics. :):)

  11. I love Kasey!! And I've never gone that long without washing my hair, but I've been obsessively reading about the no-poo movement...IDK if I'll ever take the plunge but I reeeeeally want to!

  12. I want to visit Portland too - you can pick me up in Saskatchewan on your way through :). I am obsessed with Kacey Musgraves right now - I play Follow Your Arrow and Merry Go Round on repeat

  13. I'm all about washing my hair less these days too! It feels way better and I get ready faster in the mornings!!

    Kacey Musgraves is amazing. I listen to her album ALL the time!

  14. Seriously, so many confessions on not wanting to take showers and wash hair this week's linkup. Kinda hilarious and awesome! Makes me not want to wash my hair just to fit in ;).

  15. I wish I could take a few days without washing my hair.. instead I take like 2 showers a day because of going to the gym! My hair feels so dead and my scalp is dry as hell!