Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I Have A Celebrity Today

One of my favorite parts of blogging is meeting other girls living the daily struggle. We're a breed of our own ladies and it's such a good feeling when you come across a blog that just speaks to you. Whether it's because you share the same experiences, are at the same place in life or have the same thoughts/feelings in your head. That's why I was mega pumped when Ashten from Always Ashten sponsored my blog for the past month. I love her. She's like a celebrity to me which sounds weird but whatever. She's great. Except she seems to think she's going to marry Leo and that's just not going to happen girl cause he's mine... Ahem. Anyway, today, I want to introduce you to one of the first blogs I started creeping on the reg. Without further ado, Ashten!

Why did you start blogging?

I was feeling rundown with my job and lack of social life in ATL, so I started a blog to fill the creative outlet I felt I was missing. I had blogged off and on for years but this time I decided to get serious about it. 

What's your favorite part about blogging?

Watching people connect to what I write is the best part of blogging. I can't tell you how good it feels to have someone comment on one of my posts and say "Yes! This is EXACTLY how I feel!" It makes me feel like I'm not alone in some of the random, weird things that I feel/think.

Favorite thing about living with Tessa?

Not having to pay all the rent by myself. Just kidding, kinda. Tessa and I have been friends since we were 12, so we know all the same people, come from the same hometown and know basically everything about each other. It's nice to be around a constant reminder of home, and someone who gets where you came from.

Your dog is adorable, why the name Warner?

Warner is named after my favorite football player, Kurt Warner. I've always admired Kurt's work ethic and kind heart, and when I met him in 2008 he was the nicest man. Warner is a spunky, kind and loveable guy just like his namesake.

What's your worst habit?
I put myself down CONSTANTLY. It's actually a really big problem; one I'm working to fix daily. 

Advice to anyone moving to another city/state for a job?

Make friends outside of work. Seriously. And sign up for frequent flyer miles. 

Always Ashten

If you want to get to know Ashten just a little bit better (which you should, cause she's amazing), you should go check out her post on the Definition of Beauty. Seriously, this girl says all the words I'm thinking but can't put down myself. Or, if you are a single girl like myself, go check out this post. Are you a Carrie or a Josie? Last but not least, Ashten hosts Vlog Like A Boss which is one of the best linkups I've ever seen. I love putting a voice to bloggers' faces! So scurry on over to her blog and fall in love like I have. 


  1. I am SO not a celebrity but thank you for thinking I am! :)

  2. ahh i share her worst habit. trying to be better too!

  3. I'm afraid to vlog like a boss, does that make me weak?