Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Favorite Podcasts

I've discovered the joy that is podcasts recently. I was getting a little tired of listening to the same songs every day at work so I started expanding my horizons little by little and have now become addicted to podcasts. Here are my 4 current favorites.   

For the knowledge lover:
Star Talk with Neil Degrasse Tyson
I'm in love with this man. LOVE. Top three favorite people on this great green earth. #science

For the females:
Guys We Fucked: The Anti-Slut Shaming Podcast with Krystyna & Corinne
Hands down two of the funniest ladies I've ever listened to. You should know by now I'm vulgar and TMI all the time. So naturally this is a weekly listen for me. #doyouladies

For the movie lover:
The Flop House with Elliot, Dan, and Stuart
They review movies and go on tangents and make me laugh. 

For everyone:
The Nerdist with Chris, Jonah, and Matt
They talk with celebrities. And talk nerdy. It's pretty awesome. 

I'm currently at First Aid and CPR training. I hope your Fridays are more fun than mine. Cause this is boring as shiz. But at least I'll be able to save lives.  So you're welcome.


  1. i can't wait to listen to my girls all afternoon.

  2. #Science #ballz #Netflix #TalkQwertyToMe

  3. Pete is OBSESSED with the Joe Rogan podcast.